Jess & Mildred Fisher College of Science & Mathematics


“Characterization of Small Escherichia coli Proteins”
  • Fatimeh Abuikhdair
  • Mentor:  Dr. Matthew Hemm (Biological Sciences)

“Fabrication of Tapered Waveguides via Photolithography”
  • Todd Adams
  • Mentor:  Dr. Vera Smolyaninova, (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Ferrofluids as Hyperbolic Metamaterials”
  • Evan Bates
  • Mentor:   Dr. Vera Smolyaninova (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Structural Characterization of TIR Domain of TirA, A TLR in dictyostelium Discoidium
  • Michael Berlett
  • Mentor:  Dr. Michelle Snyder (Biological Sciences)

“The Effect of Relative Hydrophobicity of Osmolytes in the B-to-Z DNA Transition”
  • Maimouna Cisse
  • Mentor:  Dr. Richard Preisler (Chemistry)

“Development and Characterization of Dynamic Light Scattering Instrumentation to determine Nanoparticle Size”
  • Christopher DiFatta
  • Mentor:  Dr. Jeffrey Simpson (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“CaMnO3-x: A Biomimetric Catalyst for Water Splitting”
  • Tyler Goehringer
  • Mentor:  Dr. Grace Yong (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Comparative Structural Macroanalysis of the Middle to Upper Solariun”
  • James C. Gossweiler
  • Mentor:  Dr. Joel Moore (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“The Effects of Hypoxia on Fitness in Juvenile Striped Bass, Morone saxatiles
  • Raven S. Gossweiler
  • Mentor:  Dr. Jay Nelson (Biological Sciences)

“Characterization of the Small Protein yciX-can1 in Escherichia coli
  • Matthew Howard
  • Mentor:  Dr. Matthew Hemm (Biological Sciences)

“Quantifying Land Use and Lithology Across USGS Gaged Catchments in the Maryland Piedmont Region”
  • Katherine Hresko
  • Mentor:  Dr. Joel Moore (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Spiropyran Dyes: A Comparison of Two Synthetic Methods”
  • Navdeep Kaur
  • Mentor:  Dr. Shannon Stitzel (Chemistry)

“Small Pool Analysis for Microsatellite Mutations in Spotted Salamanders”
  • Brianna Lynn
  • Mentor:  Dr. Brian Masters (Biological Sciences)

“Investigation of the Relationship between Tetradentate Aminosulfoxide Ligand Structure and Geometric Isomerism in their Ru(II) Dichloride Complexes”
  • William Nagel
  • Mentor:  Dr. Timothy Brunker (Chemistry)

“Provenance Determination of Dark Chocolates using Organic and Trace Element Chemical Signatures”
  • Naissem Le Nodjinam
  • Mentor:  Dr. Shannon Stitzel (Chemistry)

“Trace Mineral Chemical Composition and Distribution in Common Carbonate Aquifer Materials and Contribution to Risks in Carbon Capture and Sequestration”
  • Allison Rico
  • Mentor:  Dr. Joel Moore (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Effects of Photolithography Processes on the Properties of Manganite Thin Films”
  • Christopher Rubin
  • Mentor:  Dr. Rajeswari Kolagani (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Developing Thin Films of La1-x-yCaxPbyMnO3 for Uncooled Bolometer Application”
  • Evan Schulz
  • Mentor:  Dr. Grace Yong (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“"Behavioral Olfactory Responses of House Crickets to Plant Volatiles”
  • Harlan Shafer
  • Mentor:  Dr. Vonnie Shields (Biological Sciences)

Dictyostelium discoideum TirA Stimulates Generation of Reactive Oxygen in Response to Bacteria”
  • Kierra Stephens
  • Mentor:  Dr. Michelle Snyder (Biological Sciences)

“Analysis of Reproductive Behavior in Male Spotted Salamanders”
  • Katherine Sunderland
  • Mentor:  Dr. Brian Masters (Biological Sciences)

“Multiple Paternity Testing in Housed Southern Stingrays (Dasyatis amaericana) by Examination of Microsatellites”
  • Joseph Szewczyk
  • Mentor:  Dr. Brian Masters (Biological Sciences)

“Designing a Ribosomal RNA Model for Understanding the Effects of Mutations in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  • Amber Truitt
  • Mentor:  Dr. Ana-Maria Soto (Chemistry)

“Analysis of Circulating Strains of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) in Mali”
  • Sarah Wicks
  • Mentor:  Dr. Elana Ehrlich (Biological Sciences)


To:  244th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 19, 2012
  • Sharon Fetner
  • “Impact of Polymer Cross-linking on Spiropyran-based Sensors”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Shannon Stitzel (Chemistry)

  • Brian Linder
  • “Imprinted Polymers for the Detection of Metal Ions”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Dr. Shannon Stitzel (Chemistry)

To:  2nd Annual Kennesaw Mountain Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, Kennesaw, Georgia, October 20, 2012
  • Justin Garrish
  • “Introductory Talk on Fractal Geometry”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Sergiy Borodachov (Mathematics)

To:  Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry North America 33rd Annual Meeting, Long Beach, California, November 14, 2012
  • Julie New
  • “Evaluating the Impact of Smelting Activities on Soils and Pinus echinata within the Downwind Air Shed of a Zinc Smelting Plant, Palmerton, PA”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Steven Lev (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

To:  221st Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Long Beach, California, January 9, 2013
  • Gina Benigno
  • Alexander Kubli
  • Christopher Thibodeau
  • “Associated Absorption in Low Redshift Quasar Environments”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Jennifer Scott (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

To:  Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, Golden, Colorado, January 19, 2013
  • Zoey Warecki
  • “Planets and Moons as Probes of Physics Beyond the Standard Model”
  • Mentor:  Dr. James Overduin (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

To:  Biophysical Society 57th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 2013
  • Charlotte Chaze
  • “Comparing the Effects of Different Osmolytes in the B-to-Z DNA Transition”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Richard Preisler (Chemistry)

  • Monica Padgett
  • “Effect of AU Substitutions at the Stem on the Stability of Kissing Loop Complexes”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Ana Maria Soto (Chemistry)

To:  The American Chemical Society National Spring Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 7, 2013
  • William Nagel
  • “Investigation of the Relationship between Tetradentate Aminosulfoxide Ligand Structure and Geometric Isomerism in their Ru(II) Dichloride Complexes”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Timonthy Brunker (Chemistry)

To:  125th Annual Meeting of the Wilson Ornithological Society, Williamsburg,Virginia, March 9, 2013
  • Rachel Hebert
  • “The Process of Fledging in the Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides)”
  • Mentor:  Dr. L. Scott Johnson (Biological Sciences)

  • Felicia Napolillo
  • “Variation in Incubation Effort during Egg-Laying in the Mountain Bluebird and Its Association with Hatching Asynchrony”
  • Mentor:  Dr. L. Scott Johnson (Biological Sciences)

To:  National Council on Undergraduate Research, La Vrosse,, Wisconsin, April 2013
  • Todd Adams
  • “Bending Optical Space for Luneberg and Cloaking Applications”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Vera Smolyaninova (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

To:  3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery, Chicago, Illinois, April 2013
  • Jill Badin
  • “Comparison of Controlled Acyclovir Delivery and Efficacy via Alternative
    FDA-Approved Silicone Polymer Vehicles”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Barry Margulies (Biological Sciences)

To:  Association of Southeastern Biologists Annual Meeting, Charleston, West Virginia, April 2013
  • Scottie Berk
  • “Leaf and Stem Anatomical Features as Indicators of Evolutionary Relationships in Chrysothamnus and Related Genera”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Roland Roberts (Biological Sciences)

To:  Seventh Gold Coast Gravity Meeting, Oxford, Mississippi, April 2013
  • Ryan Everett
  • “Gravity Probe B Constraints on Higher-Dimensional Extensions of General Relativity”
  • Mentor:  Dr. James Overduin (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

To:  American Association for Cancer Research Annual Conference, Washington, DC, April 2013
  • Sarah Galinn
  • “Influence of Polyphenols on Selenoprotein Expression in Human Colon Cancer Cells”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Petra Tsuji (Biological Sciences)

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