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The Honors College advisors are here to assist you in understanding and maintaining your Honors College curriculum. They can answer questions regarding your honors curriculum requirements, honors courses, number of honors credits you have completed, and honors graduation status.

Honors College Advisors

First-Year Students: Please see your assigned FYE Advisor (First Year Experience Advisor)

All other students: Visit the Honors College Office in Stephens Hall, room 302, or e-mail to schedule an appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions about Honors Advising

Honors Requirements

1. What are my honors course requirements?
     Most Honors College students are required to complete at total of 24 honors  

     credits; however, students who join the Honors College after their first year may

     be exempt from certain requirements. For complete information, please see the

     TU Undergraduate Catalog or the Honors College Curriculum web page.

2. Do I have to take an honors course every semester?

     No. Honors College students must complete 6 honors credits by the end of 

     their first year in the college, 12 honors credits by the end of the second year, 

     and 18 honors credits by the end of the third year. Honors credits are evaluated

     once per year, at the end of the spring semester.

3. What is my GPA requirement to remain in the Honors College?

     Honors College students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3. GPAs

    are evaluated twice per year, at the end of the spring and fall semesters.

4. Can I pass/fail an honors course?

     You may select the pass grading option for an honors course; however, that

     course will not count towards your honors requirements. Honors College

     students must earn a letter grade in honors coursework in order for the course

     to count towards honors requirements.

5. What happens if I fall behind on my requirements?

     Honors College students may receive at least one semester of probation if they

     fall behind on their requirements. Probation is a warning only. It is not noted on 

    the student’s permanent academic record, and the student does not lose his or

    her honors scholarship or any other Honors College privileges during the

    probationary period.

Registration & Enrollment

1. How do I register for courses?

    Please visit the Office of the Registrar’s web site for complete registration


2. Can the Honors College remove my advising hold?
     No. Students must meet with their major or FYE advisor prior to the registration

     period. Only the major or FYE advisor can remove an advising hold.

3. Do I have to meet with an honors advisor before registration?

     No. Honors advising is available to students through appointments and on a

    walk-in basis, but students are not required to meet with an Honors College

     advisor before enrollment.

4. Why canít I enroll in the honors seminar of my choice?

     Even though Honors College students enjoy early registration, registration

     times are staggered throughout the registration day by class. In other words,

     honors seniors register at least one hour before honors juniors, who register at

     least one hour before honors sophomores, who register at least one hour

     before honors freshmen. As a result, some seminars fill before sophomores

     and freshmen have a chance to enroll. Sophomores and freshmen are strongly

     encouraged to have a “back up” plan ready at their registration time..

5. Does ENGL 190 fulfill both my Honors English requirement and a seminar requirement?

     No. Honors courses fulfill only one requirement at a time. In other words, one

     section of ENGL 290 will not fulfill both the Honors English and the honors

     seminar requirement; however, students may take two different sections of

     ENGL 290 to fulfill both of these requirements.

6. Which courses count as seminars?

     The following honors courses count as honors seminars. There are no     

     exceptions or substitutions for honors seminars.

                    ARTH 207                                      HONR 243

                    ARTH 208                                      HONR 270

                   COSC 225                                      HONR 327

                   ENGL 290 (see below)                HONR 345

                   HIST 162                                         HONR 370

                   HONR  225                                     MATH 283

                   HONR  227                                     PHIL 212

                   HONR  229                                     POSC 212

                   HONR  230

                   HONR  235

                   HONR  237

                   HONR  240

7. Does ENGL 290 count as an honors seminar?

     ENGL 290 counts as a seminar only for students who have fulfilled or are

     exempt from the Honors English requirement.

8. Can I take ENGL 290 or another honors seminar more than once?

     Yes. Students may take the same honors seminar course number multiple

     times, as long as the course topics are different. In other words, students might

     choose to take HONR 230 Music and Gender and HONR 230 Public Culture

     and American Values. In that case, they will receive credit for both courses.


    If a student wants to replace a grade received in an honors seminar, he or she

    must take the exact same topic the second time. In that case, the course will be

   repeated, and it will fulfill only one honors curriculum requirement.

9. Am I required to take honors versions of existing courses?

      No. Many students choose to take honors versions of existing courses, but

     students may also choose to fulfill honors requirements with honors seminars,

     honors independent studies, honors internships, honors credit for study

     abroad, etc.

Honors Electives

1. What are my choices for completing my honors electives requirements?

     Students may complete a Department Honors Program, enroll in an honors

     capstone course, create an honors independent study, enroll in an honors

     internship, complete an honors thesis, or enroll in additional upper-level

     honors seminars. For complete details about the honors electives, please see

     the Honors College Student Handbook. Students may “mix and match” these

     options to fulfill the honors electives.

2. What are my best options for completing my honors electives requirements?

     The Department Honors Program is the very best option for completing the    

     honors electives because it requires the student to create an undergraduate     

     thesis, and it allows the student to earn major credit and honors credit at the

     same time. For a complete list of departments that have Department Honors

     Programs, please see the Department Honors Program Handbook. To enroll in

     a Department Honors Program, please contact the Department Honors

     Coordinator (listed in the handbook).


     Students also have the option of earning honors credit for study abroad.

     Students can earn 3 honors credits for a summer or minimester study abroad

     program or 6 honors credits for a semester program. Only study abroad

     programs approved through the study abroad office are eligible to receive

     honors credit. More information is available on our web site.


    Students may choose to design their own course by enrolling in an honors

    independent study or create their own learning experience by enrolling in an

    honors internship. In both cases, students work one-on-one with a faculty

    member of their choosing. Complete instructions for setting up an honors

    internship or honors independent study are available in the Honors College

    Student Handbook.


3. What is an honors capstone?

    Honors capstone options are available for students in select majors. The  

    honors capstone allows students to complete the Honors Electives as part of     

    their major requirements, much like a Department Honors Program. Students   

    should contact the following faculty if they are interested in the honors capstone.

                      Dance                                  Prof. Susan Mann
                      Music Education                  Prof. Alicia Mueller or Prof. Melissa McCabe

                      Occupational Therapy        Prof. Lynne Murphy

                      Special Education               Prof. Betsy Neville
                      Elementary Education         Prof. Bob Blake

                      Clinical Track in                   Prof. Bethany Brand


                      Exercise Science                 Prof. Jennifer Moxley

                      Sports Management          Prof. Jessica Minkove



Honors College Advising Videos

Before contacting your Honors College advisor, please make sure to watch the videos below. Most likely, your questions will be answered in these short videos.

Video #1 – Honors College Curriculum (wmv)
A review of the 24 credit Honors College curriculum requirements. Includes information on all required credits and how they may be completed.

Video #2 – Honors College Curriculum for Transfer Students (wmv)
A review of the Honors College curriculum requirements for transfer students. Includes information on all required credits needed and how they may be completed.

Video #3 – Honors College Electives Advising (wmv)
An in-depth review of all options available for honors electives as well as information on how to complete each option. Electives discussed include: Departmental Honors, Honors Independent Study, Honors Independent Investigations, Honors Directed Readings, Honors Internship, Honors credit for Study Abroad, Upper-level Honors College Seminars, Honors Capstone, and Honors Thesis.

All documents discussed in the videos can be found in the Honors College Student Handbook.


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