The Towson Journal of International Affairs (TJIA) is a student-run publication that seeks to display the best examples of undergraduate work, along with the articles of academic scholars from around the world.  The goal of this journal is to publish high-quality writing explicitly related to international affairs, with the aim of contributing to the scholarly debate in the international relations subfield of political science.  Submissions are expected to present clear and well-defined arguments with strong and thoroughly supported theses that can be built upon and challenged.
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Submission Guidelines [Back to Top]
To those who wish to submit articles or papers to the TJIA, submissions must conform to the following guidelines:

  • All submissions are electronic.  Articles or papers should be sent, as either a word or PDF attachment, to the TJIA submissions email address:
  • All submissions must include:
  • A permanent email address (If you anticipate graduating prior to publication, please refrain from submitting a student email, as these frequently expire shortly after graduation)
  • A contact phone number
  • A permanent mailing address
  • Submissions should be at least fifteen (15) pages and no longer than thirty (30) pages in length, double-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman Font, excluding appendices and bibliographies.
  • Charts may be used in-text, but additional approval from the source of the chart is required to be included in the published journal.
  • Citations and bibliographies should adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style with footnotes.  To review the Chicago Manual of Style, (click here)
  • Please attach a separate title Page that includes the author’s name and the title of the paper
    • In addition, the second page of the manuscript should include a brief profile of the author.  The rest of the manuscript should include no identifying marks.  Authors should include all names and other identifying marks within the first two pages of the manuscript, so as to easier conduct blind reviews.  For example, include page numbers at either the top or bottom of the page, but do not include a named heading.
  • Please include an abstract of the submission that briefly summarizes its argument and contribution, of no more than 200 words.
    • The abstract of the submission should not be on the same page as the title page or the author profile.  Authors should position their abstracts directly above the beginning of their introduction.

Submission Guidelines| Review Process | Author Agreement

Review Process [Back to Top]

  • All submissions to the TJIA shall undergo an initial review process.  Each submission shall be reviewed by the journal staff based on writing style, originality, persuasiveness, and relevance to international relations.  Following the round of initial review, each submission will be placed into one the following categories:
  • Accepted – the submission generates enough confidence for immediate publication in the upcoming issue of the Journal, following a copy editing process (see below).
  • Revise and Resubmit – the submission exhibits potential for publication in the Journal, but requires the author to make substantial revisions to the submission prior to publication.  Such revisions shall be outlined in a letter to the author that incorporates comments from the entire Journal Staff with the invitation to resubmit the submission.
    • A resubmission does not guarantee publication.  Submissions that are revised and resubmitted will be subjected to another round of review to ensure that all revisions as outlined in the letter to the author have been completed prior to acceptance.
  • Rejected – the submission does not generally conform to the requirements of accepted submissions.  Specific reasons for rejection shall be included in a letter to the author compiled from comments by the Journal Staff.
  • Once a submission has been accepted for publication, it will receive a round of copy editing, whereby minor edits are made to enhance the quality of the submission prior to publication.  Such edits can include, but are not limited to: citations, style, diction, grammar, punctuation, etc.
    • After final edits are finished, the submission is sent back to the author for approval.

Submission Guidelines | Review Process | Author Agreement

Author Agreement [Back to Top]

In order to publish a submission, each author must sign the Towson University Journal of International Affairs Author Agreement.  It is highly recommended that authors review the agreement (click here).  The agreement explains the responsibility of the author regarding his or her submission.  Such responsibilities include plagiarism, incorrect data or information, or other forms of dishonesty.  Authors are also required to gain permission from copyright holders for reproduction of any illustrations, charts, tables, or figures published elsewhere.

The agreement also passes copyright ownership from the author to the TJIA for publication purposes.