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Occupational Science Doctoral Program (Sc.D.)

The doctoral degree in Occupational Science prepares graduates to teach, influence policy, and engage in applied research. Occupational science is the study of human occupation related to purposeful and meaningful activities that comprise everyday life experiences. The study of occupation involves the investigation of the relationship among humans' occupations their health, and their quality of life. This unique social science examines the capacity of humans to engage in occupation, develop healthy adaptive skills and participate in their daily life. The main emphasis of this doctoral program is to enhance the health of society by applying knowledge gained through the advanced study of occupational science and human behavior.

The doctoral degree requires the completion of at least 90 units beyond a bachelor's degree. Students who hold master's degrees in disciplines other than occupational therapy allowed to transfer a maximum of 30 units from their master's degrees; students who hold master's degrees in occupational therapy may transfer a maximum of 36 units from their master's degrees.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives for the Doctorate of Science in Occupational Science are congruent with the mission and vision of Towson University to develop doctoral level programs  that prepare graduates for workforce requirements and that are responsive to "an ever-evolving external environment". The specific educational objectives of the program are to prepare graduates who will:

  • Engage in occupational science research and theory to develop, validate and disseminate knowledge that supports people's capacities to participate in their daily life occupations at the individual, family, community and system levels.

  • Develop and apply knowledge and skills to assume leadership roles in occupation-based education, practice, policy and advocacy initiatives

  • Advance practice through the integration and application of occupation-based theory and research.

  • Promote occupational justice that supports the health and wellness of individuals and communities within changing external environments.

  • Providing high-quality, culturally appropriate, preventive, habilitative, and rehabilitative services to individuals, families, groups, communities, and society.

  • Contributing to the development of theory and knowledge about the benefits of occupation and occupational therapy.

  • Advocating for practice-based policy and occupational justice.

  • Contributing to the health, social, and education systems.

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