Sociology/Anthropology/ Criminal Justice Undergraduate Minors


MINOR IN SOCIOLOGY (24-25 total units)


Required Courses (12-13 units)

All of the following:

SOCI 101   Introduction to Sociology (3) OR

SOCI 102   Honors Introduction to Sociology (3) 

SOCI 381   Sociological Theory (3)

SOCI 391   Research Methods (3) 

MATH 231   Basic Statistics I (3) or equivalent


PSYC 212     Behavioral Statistics (3) or equivalent


Elective Courses (12 units)

Any four additional courses in sociology (SOCI), at least two of which must be upper level, and at most one course in (ANTH).



MINOR IN ANTHROPOLOGY (24 total units)


Required Courses (9 units)

All of the following:

ANTH 207    Cultural Anthropology (3) OR

ANTH 210    Honors Cultural Anthropology (3) 

ANTH 208    Human Evolution and Prehistory (3)

ANTH 401    Anthropological Theory (3)


Elective Courses (15 units)

Any five additional elective courses in anthropology (ANTH), at least three of which must be upper level.



  Welcome Drs. Miho Iwata and Joan Antunes, the newest members of the department's faculty!  
  Interested in an internship in Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice?  If so, contact internship coordinators Robert Wall (Anth), Stephen Erik Hartmark (Soci), or Laura Hahn (Crmj).
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