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Fall 2011 Cohort

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Camille Angeles: Biology

Biology Major
"The TOPS program at Towson has done so much for me.  They offer amazing support and tons of great opportunities.  It provides a sense of community between diverse people with similar goals. The summer experience helped a lot with transitioning from high school to college.  I really enjoy being in the TOPS program!"

Physics Major
"The TOPS program has aided greatly in my transition from highschool to college. It provides a support system of people with similar interests that many people do not have right away in college. The TOPS program does so much to ensure our success not only in college, but after college as well. I am thankful to be a member of this great program."

Christian Ryan: Physics
Darren Johnson: Biology

Biology Major
"I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in TOPS. Not only is it a good support to aid me in my studies, but it has also provided me with a community, even before school started."

Mathematics Secondary Education Major
"TOPS is an academic family. We build strong relationships and are given resources and other advantages that every college freshman doesn't get. I love it! I'm so grateful for this opportunity. We were the most diverse family I've ever met." 

Donyetta Pitchford: Mathematics
Eduardo Aguirre: Biology

Biology Major
"For me the TOPS program has been like the older brother I never had.  They are always looking out for you and willing to lend a hand.  Without TOPS I am sure it would have been hard to adjust to the college environment.  TOPS is family and support.  I am thankful for this opportunity."

Bioinformatics Major
"The TOPS program does very well at supporting students to achieve success in a welcoming environment. They have a specialized learning center where you can do your school work, connect with your TOPS friends, ask questions, or have a regular conversation. This strong support definitely brightens my life at college! TOPS is awesome!!!"

Han Li: Bioinformatics
Isha Beazer: Chemistry

"TOPS is a great program, especially for first year students. They are extremely helpful when it comes to assisting students with any questions or concerns that they may have about college."

Computer Science Major
"TOPS has been more than just a scholarship program. It has given me the tools to be successful in college though time management, class scheduling, and best of all, the emotional support you get from all of the people you meet during the 1 week summer program. I'm truly grateful for all of the bright-minded people I've met; knowing that they'll always be there if I need help."

Kenway Chung: Computer Science
Kelvin Njoku: Biology

Biology Major
"To me TOPS is a chance to build new relationships, face different struggles, fall a couple times but still come out on TOP."




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Camille Angeles: BiologyChristian Ryan: PhysicsChristina LaFon: Information SystemsDarren Johnson: BiologyDonyetta Pitchford: MathematicsEduardo Aguirre: BiologyEmmanuel Duru: BiologyHan Li: BioinformaticsIsha Beazer: ChemistryIsis McLean: BiologyKelvin Njoku: BiologyKenway Chung: Computer SciMatt Moreland: BiologySadia Ahmed: BiologySamantha Minton: Computer ScienceShanice Coleman: Computer Information SystemsSimone Robinson: BiologyThahabah Attashy: BiologyTiffany Wilson: ChemistryTZach Soden: Computer Science



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