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It is the rare student who can complete a degree in one of the STEM disciplines without getting some help from those who have already mastered the information. The most common ways of accessing assistance is through tutoring and study groups.

TOPS students can receive peer tutoring in core science and mathematics courses. These sessions are based around cohort registration and are coordinated by the TOPS Staff. More often then not, the tutoring sessions are in the form of small group workshops where students are encouraged to help one another. The Learning Center, located in Smith Hall, room 304, is open daily for use by study groups. 

Becoming a Tutor

TOPS students who have mastered difficult material are invited to tutor others. Tutoring is an excellent way to discover if you enjoy teaching. Tutoring also makes you feel good. It is great to hear that students you worked with are doing well in their classes.

TOPS students interested in serving as Peer Tutors must demonstrate a good understanding of the subject matter in their STEM courses as well as the desire and ability to help other students. Prospective candidates will be interviewed before being hired as Peer Tutors. Hired tutors will be trained by the Academic Achievement Center (or provide verification of other adequate tutoring training) before they start tutoring. Peer Tutors will be provided with a text, refer to the syllabus, and come prepared to cover the material that was covered in class. Tutors will be paid for the time they spend preparing and actively tutoring.

The Learning Center, located in Smith Hall, room 304, is available for tutoring and study groups. It is a quiet learning space.

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Tutoring is an excellent way to discover if you enjoy teaching.




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