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Expectations of Towson UTeach Students

Thank you for interest in Towson UTeach! This program is designed to attract a wide range of bright science and mathematics majors into secondary teaching careers, and to prepare you through an advanced field-intensive curriculum for the high demands of the teaching profession.

It is very important to Towson UTeach that the classroom visits are beneficial and enriching experiences to all involved. For that reason Towson UTeach has created a set of expectations of Towson UTeach students.

Before classroom visits by Towson UTeach students:
  • Student teams are expected to meet (in person or via phone) at least once with their mentor teacher to discuss and schedule their classroom visits.
  • Students plan and practice lessons in collaboration with the university instructor.
  • Students send lesson plans to the mentor teacher prior to their teaching visits.
During classroom visits by Towson UTeach students:
  • Students arrive at least 10 minutes prior to teaching and bring all necessary materials to teach the lesson.
  • Students dress and act in a professional manner during all visits.
  • Students follow classroom and school rules as they are communicated by the mentor teacher.
  • Students teach the entire lesson independently according to their lesson plan.
After classroom visits by Towson UTeach students:
  • Students clean up all materials and return the mentor feedback form to the university instructor.
Throughout the semester:
  • Students stay in contact with the mentor teacher through e-mail.
  • Once a teaching schedule is established, only the mentor teacher or university instructor can change teaching dates. If a student is ill or otherwise unable to teach on a scheduled date, his/her team mate will teach the lesson alone.


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