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If you are an undergraduate who wants to teach mathematics or science, the Towson UTeach program is for you. The Towson UTeach program is a new way to prepare secondary science and mathematics teachers through an advanced, field-intensive curriculum. Teaching degree plans are streamlined to allow students to complete both a Bachelor of Science degree and all course work for middle and high school teacher certification in Maryland in four years.

The successful UTeach program was developed at the University of Texas at Austin in 1997 is now being replicated at more than 30 universities across the United States. The program began at Towson University in fall 2012.

A hallmark benefit of the Towson UTeach Program is that students start teaching in local schools in their first semester. This is unlike most teacher education programs, where students do not typically enter a K‑12 classroom until their junior or, more likely, senior year. Our freshmen level course, SEMS 110, provides students the opportunity to teach math or science in upper elementary school grades. Thereafter, all teaching field placements are in middle and high schools, culminating in a rich vertical perspective.

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Advising for Prospective Students

To learn more about the program and how to get certified to teach middle and high school mathematics or science, make an appointment with Christine Roland, a Towson UTeach Master Teacher. She may be contacted at 410-704-3450 or send an e-mail to


Towson UTeach Program
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The Towson UTeach program is the first and leading UTeach initiative in Maryland.

new faculty position
10-month Master Teacher Clinical Instructor with the Towson UTeach Program beginning August 2015.

Attracting the Teachers
Towson UTeach places college students in public school classrooms. Read more of the TU cover story.

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Your charitable gift to Towson UTeach will support and inspire our next generation of STEM teachers.

National UTeach Website
 For information on the National Program, see the UTeach Institute Website.



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