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Academic Achievement Center

Online Resources by Subject Area

Online resources related to a variety of subject areas are listed below for additional assistance.  The sites listed have a brief description to provide an overview of how the resource may be of help.


Source Description
Academic Success
AAC Workshops

Academic Achievement Center workshop schedule and links to information from previous workshops.
Writing Assignment Calculator

Use this assignment calculator to create a schedule for completing your paper.  Get useful tips for each stage of the writing process.
College Success Strategies

Covers note taking,  test taking, time management, etc.  Also provides links to other learning assistance.
Learning Disabilities Association of America
Information and support for adults with learning disabilities.
Over 60 Resources for Academic Success Linda Walsh, Dept. of Psychology, University of Northern Iowa.
School Strategies Questionnaire

Complete the School Strategies Scale from Ohio State University to enhance awareness of academic strengths & opportunities.
Learning Strategies (Dartmouth College) A variety of resources and suggestions for maximizing your college experience; includes math & science study tips, reading strategies, time management, and more.
Learning Style Inventories
Felder's Learning Styles Questionnaire
Take a 44 question survey that assesses your learning preferences. No username or password required.
VARK Take the VARK, an online learning style inventory that breaks down learning styles into 5 categories: visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic, multimodal. 
Note Taking
Note Taking Techniques Explore different note taking systems, tips and strategies.
Study Strategies
Quick improvement suggestions, index card strategies, and books covering various study skills.
Ferris State University -
Learning and Study Skills Strategies

Over 15 resources, including self assessments, tips on motivation, anxiety, tests, and study strategies.
Study Guides and Strategies
(University of St. Thomas)

Has sections on preparing to learn, studying, class participation, reading, test preparation, test anxiety, writing skills, math and science, and more.
Study Skills Checklist
Complete the Study Skills Checklist from Virginia Tech to assess your study habits.
Study Skills Guides General study guides as well as subject specific study strategies.
Student Academic Resource Center (University of Central FL)
Download a variety of study skills handouts in PDF.
Test Preparation
CLEP (College-Level Examination Program)
Provides tips and tools to prepare for CLEP exams.  Also provided links to study guides that can be purchased.
Test Taking Central
Helpful hints for before, during, and after class, studying for tests, and test taking strategies.
Test Prep Review
Free site provides practice for the CLEP, MCAT, GMAT, GRE, ACCUPLACER, CBEST, Nursing exams, etc. Includes practice tests, study guides, and flashcards.
Time Management
AAC Time Management Workshop Handouts Time management tools & handouts from the AAC
Interactive Assignment Planner

An online tool to help you manage any assignment that requires research and writing from Wayne State University
My Daily Schedule
Review how you spend your time in order to help you prioritize your goals and objectives.
Where Does Time Go?
Personal time assessment to determine when you can study and how you may need to adjust your time.
Course Specific Online Resources
Merlot (Multimedia Educational Resources
for Learning & Online Teaching)

Free online courses in business, humanities, fine arts, math, science and language.

Tutor Gig
Use the online tutorials (over 34,000 subjects) to review material & study.
Spark Notes Free notes & study guides in a variety of areas such as math, chemistry, economics, computer science, psychology, physics, history, health & nutrition, biology, literature, and astronomy.
ACCT 201- Inventory Part 1 Video presentation by tutor Zachariah Huber.
ACCT 201 - Petty Cash Video presentation by tutor Zachariah Huber.
Glossary for Accounting
Includes a financial goals calculator. This JavaScript Financial Goal Calculator puts complex financial formulas aside, leaving a user- friendly interface in plain English. Also includes good investment ideas.
Tax and Accounting
Tax and Accounting Sites Directory.
Accounting Coach Accounting and Bookkeeping Exercises. 
Accounting Explanations Information for most accounting classes.  Some information is free to all, others need a subscription.
Accounting Quizzes Quizes for many different accounting topics.
Accounting Definitions List of frequently used terms in accounting.
Accounting 201 & 202 Flashcards Interactive flashcards on topics frequently covered in accounting classes
Anatomy & Physiology Practice Tests

Free & developed by Dr. Gills, University of Wisconsin- La Crosse.
Comprehensive Anatomy Outlines - Pinterest Anatomy Pinterest board with great outlines, study guides, & diagrams.
Anatomy & Physiology and Biology Corner Quizzes on general biology and A&P topics.
Biology Study Guides

Easy access materials for your learning needs: Cell Structure, Microorganisms, Cell Respiration, Evolution, Cell Reproduction, Molecular Biology, Animal Behavior & Plants.
The Visible Human Project

Cadaver, male-female, MRI, CT, and anatomical images.
Biology Study Tips
Anything to small projects to micro molecules. Articles and resources for biology and it's disciplines.
Biology Online
BIO Tutorials & forum.
Shoomp Extensive list of Biology topics with step by step explanations, tests, & common mistakes to avoid
Biology Informer
3 online dictionaries & much more.
BIO Education Portal

Free online classes in select Biology topics
Alcamo’s Microbiology

Quizzes on topics in Microbiology.
Lonestar Microbiology Microbiology lecture outlines, lab reviews, & crossword puzzles
Organic Chemistry
Practice Problems for Organic Chemistry.
Tri-County Technical College Website

Chemistry 100 lessons.
Physics Education Technology at the
University of Colorado at Boulder

General chemistry simulations including solubility, concentration, rate, and reversible reactions.
Chemistry (Dartmouth College)
Has useful study guides and sample tests.
Brain Mass
Help for homework and problem solving feed back
Chemical Excelets
Interactive Excel Sheets for General Chemistry.
The ChemCollective

Online resources, including virtual lab problems, tutorials, scenarios, and simulations.
Chemistry examples by Liina Ladon,
Towson University, Department of Chemistry

Study guides and resources
Study Guides
Study guides for everything in Chemistry.
The Periodic Table
Online Periodic Table.
General Chemistry Online A great glossary of general chemistry terms & FAQ section.
General Chemistry from the University of TN - Chattanooga Lecture notes for many general chemistry topics & recycled exams with practice problems.
General CHEM Worksheets Word documents with “how-tos” for various general chemistry topics. Practice problems included.
MIT Open Course Numerous chemistry classes taught at MIT, with all the materials and lectures from each class online
Master Organic Chemistry A very thorough searchable database of organic study guides, notes, practice problems & much more.
Chem Helper Organic chemistry mechanism reviews & computer-based practice problems.
Computer Science
C++ Tutorials 4U

Example Programs & Tutorials  in C++(STL, Data Structures and algorithms).
Find Information System Solutions Helps professionals search for the right information in order to make informed technological decisions with a directory of over thousands of subject
C++ Language Tutorial
Learn all about the basics of C++, control structure and function, advanced data and concepts and much more!
Tutorials on using Excel spreadsheet.  Covers basic such as types of data and specific formulas.
Social Science Research and
Instructional Council
Exploring Macroeconomics - instructional modules
English and Writing
The Elements of Style
An online version of the classic reference book by

Covers a variety of topics: research, general writing, professional writing, ESL writing,  parts of speech, sentence construction, punctuation, spelling, writing in the job search, etc.  Includes intensive collection of handouts on various writing skills and grammar problems.
Vocabulary University
Free interactive vocabulary puzzles, activity sessions, and exercises designed to enhance vocabulary.  Separated into three levels of difficulty.
Need some inspiration?  Need a quote for a paper? Just want to relax?  Enjoy great art? This site provides hundreds of poems.  There's a keyword search feature.
Towson University Online Writing Support
Parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation, usage, exercises and other links.
The Writing Center (The University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Provides a handy overview of the parts of a literature review and what each part should contain.
The Literature Review (University of Toronto)
Provides a very detailed guide on how to write a literature review.
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Study guide for ESL students.
Online Writing Lab (The Owl at Perdue)
The writing process, grammar and mechanics, academic writing, and ESL.
What it is, how to recognize it, and how to avoid it.
Basic Concepts
Basic Concepts
Investopedia® - A Forbes Digital Company
Bond basics
Finance Glossary
How to Trade -University of Arizona
Lectures, Overviews, and Excel templates
Quizzes to test your knowledge about finance subjects
French Travel Tips

Dinning, shopping and all the fun stuff
Provides vocabulary tests and keeps track of your score.  You can also make up practice exams.
French Fun
Speech sound aid. 
French Teacher
Very complete and in depth
French Easy Guide
Very simple and easy to use quick word for occasion.
National Geographic's "Xpeditions"
Can print maps of the world; can focus in on specific parts of the map.
Geography map quizzes for practice
Link to Online Textbooks and Tutorials
Site includes links to many online text books and tutorials for many different areas within geography.
Human Geography
Study guide for human geography.
German Word Guide
Commonly used word pronunciation.
German Culture and Language Guide
Links and information.
German Travel Guide
Shopping, dining and common expressions.
PBS - American History 100 topics and terms to choose from Early Colonizations to 1877, CLEP exam stuff.
US Constitution Online Explanation of key parts of Constitution.
History Links From University of California Riverside History Department.
BBC Online General History Website, variety of topics.
BBC News Guide to US Government.
The History Net History magazines, articles.
American History Study Guide 

History of the United States I:

Early colonizations to 1877.

Smithsonian National Museum
of American History
Museum Website.
Career Alternatives for Art Historians Explore alternative career options.
History Central American history and world history resources.
Information leader in the field; download the free newsletter, sign up to be a member, view upcoming events.
Website includes multiple links to other websites and a muscle database.
Library Subject and Research Resources
APA & MLA Style Examples and information on how to cite using APA and MLA style from Towson Unversity Cook Library.
Library Resources Click on this link to find help guides provided by the Albert S. Cook Library
Dominican University website
"Subject Guides----- provides print, database, and web resources for some of Dominican's most popular majors. AND "Web Reference" -------a virtual reference desk for students, including sites on writing citations for research papers
Roget's Thesaurus An alphabetical index of Roget's Thesaurus.
Library Liaisons By subject, find the reference librarian who is the liaison.  Also other links for starting research in a subject area are provided.
Online Resources Encyclopedias, dictionaries. quotations, maps, and more
Electronic Reference Formats Recommended
by the American Psychological Association
Gives APA format for citing e-mail, websites, articles, and abstracts from database.   Examples included.
Ask a Librarian Have a question? E-mail, IM, phone or in person, find out how and when you can contact a reference librarian. 
Library Staff Listing Some librarians have subject-oriented web pages.
Research and Documentation Online Includes sample essays in APA, MLA, Chicago (Turabian), CBE styles.
General References Links to Roget's Thesaurus, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, The King James Bible,  Gray's Anatomy, Robert's Rules of Order, Strunk's Elements of Style, and many others
MLA  (Modern Language Association) Provides MLA style guidelines, including documenting sources from the World Wide Web. Provides quick and easy search for spelling and vocabulary building
Research References References for style guides, evaluating sources, avoiding plagiarism,  library guide, and more.
Visual Thesaurus Shows word relationships in a random swirl that just keeps going.  Fun to play with!
Graphing lines, inequalities, and feasible sets MATH 111 Chapter 1
Matrix operations MATH 111 Chapter 2
Setting up linear programming MATH 111 Chapter 3
Math Study Skills Inventory
Math Study Skills Inventory An Inventory for Math Study Skills from Middle Tennessee State University.
Math Archives Calculus resources and quick links.
Graphing Calculator Help
from Pearson Education
Choose a type of calculator and see a list of help topics.
Math world Extensive Mathematics resource.  All disciplines, visual, animation and live 3D animation.
Math Forum Helpful information for math students and teachers.
Success in math Math study skills, problem solving, studying for math tests, taking a math test and getting assistance.
All Levels of Math Online tutoring.
Math @ Harvey Mudd College Pre-calculus, Algebra, and Calculus.
College Algebra Tutorial Provides a wide variety of college-level algebra problems to solve.  Covers concept of algebra (exponents and radicals, factoring, fractional expressions, etc.
Mathematics Study Guides  Study guides, and classic books.
BrainMass Web links
Mathematics Anxiety How to cope with math anxiety.
Web Math Math-help that generates solutions to specific math problems.
Statistics Compare distribution tables.
Music tutorials Reading, format and terminology. Understanding notes, rhythm and tempo.
Naxos Classicals----Musical Glossary Music terminology and definitions.
Study Tips from Former Nursing Students Describes how to get the most out of your classes, how to get the most out of your books, how to thrive in clinicals, how to ace tests, how to form study groups, and so on.
Nursing Calculator Helpful resource for figuring out dosage calculations.
Hyperlinks to many nursing and
health web sites
Site offers tutorials on nursing and basic health information.
Information and resources for
nurses worldwide
This site offers many educational resources to those in or striving to be in the nursing profession.
Formal Logic Wiki Books
Lecture Notes University of Massachusetts Academic Calendar and Lecture Notes
Logic and Proof References Trinity University
Practice Exams University of Pittsburgh

Propositional Logic Terms and Symbols

Earlham College

Logic Toolbox Logic Toolbox
Online textbook, practice problems University of Massachusetts
Simple Formal Logic Exercises Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group
Philosophy Education Website Syllogisms Topic: There Free Will - Practice Problems
Physics 2000: An interactive journey University of Colorado at Boulder
Interactions and Forces constant force, friction, & air resistance
World of Physics Contains information about astrophysics and fluid mechanics to states of matter and wave motion. 
Truck Collision / Hyperphysics Diagrams and Examples, Mechanics, Newton's Laws, Hyperphysics
Physics Education Technology: Diagrams, simulations and more
University of Colorado at Boulder
Gauss Law from University of  California Davis Gaussian Surfaces, examples, and animations
Links to more sites Information for a vast number of topics in Physics
General Diagrams and Animations
created by John Jerrett
Mechanics, Astronomy, Electrostatics, Circuits, Waves,& Optics
THE IB PHYSICS HOMEPAGE, Materials by Davide Hoult Mechanics, Measurements, Electricity and Magnetism, Waves, Thermal Physics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Waves, Relativity, Optics, Practical Work, and Questions
Physics Help from Launceston College Over 42 topics to choose from with examples
Practice Problems -Physlets Practice problems and explanations from High Point University
Physics Study Guides Terms, Summary, Analysis of various concepts
Study Tips for Introductory Physics Tips for beginning to understand physics and ways to memorize material.
Explanation of the synapse
and function of the neuron
Animation with narration of neuron activity in the brain
Psychology hyper links  Tutorials and demonstrations covering a broad range of topics.
Public Speaking
Public Speaking - Toastmasters Free tips on public speaking including "10 Tips for Public Speaking", "Fear Factor", and "Tips & Techniques."
Public Speaking Tips Tips from Massachusetts Institute of Technology
How to Study and Write for Sociology
The SocJournal Articles about Sociology
American Sociological Association National organization for sociologists
Spanish and other languages social words Fodors Website
Learn Spanish Free online tutorials,  audio CDs
Wall Street Journal in Spanish Read the Wall Street Journal in Spanish for practice
Learn Spanish Spanish chat, seasonal word guide, word learning games
Online Spanish Help Spanish exercises, games, vocabulary, grammar, etc. for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners
Word Reference Spanish to English dictionary, includes verb conjugations, fast and helpful
Spanish to English dictionary, includes verb conjugations, fast and helpful
Spanish websites Verb Conjugation Practice
Tutorial Word index for different contexts
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics Contains probability & statistics lists of vocabulary, including formulas
Rice Virtual  Lab on Stats Includes online resources, simulations, and case studies
Stat Center Sampler This site from University of Utah provides games, theoretical background, and various interactive tools.

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