Ad Hoc Lecturers Committee Report

The Ad Hoc Lecturer Committee has made great strides this term organizing and researching information relating to lecturers as a category of faculty on the Towson campus.   Please note below graphs and pie charts that put into perspective some facts gathered about how lecturers statistically figure in the overall composition of the faculty. 


The information diagrammed below proved integral to composing a resolution affirming a need for their representation on the university senate.  The resolution passed by a unanimous vote at the TU-AAUP meeting, Friday, April 9th, 2010, and also went on to pass by a unanimous vote at the University Senate meeting on Monday, May 3rd, 2010.  As a result, lecturers will be able to elect a Senator for the 2010-2011 AY; while the representative won’t yet have voting rights, this can change if the senate amends its bylaws to that effect.  We will keep all lecturers informed of the how and when of election procedures in the beginning of Fall 2010. 


The Ad Hoc Lecturer Committee also convened the first ever university-wide Lecturer meeting on Thursday, April 29th, 4-5PM, Linthicum 116.  This enabled important discussion of a range of issues concerning all of us.  The committee will be disseminating a survey in mid-to late-May to all university lecturers to gauge benefits, contracts, salaries and workload concerns and to solicit feedback and ideas for future advocacy work.  I urge all lecturers to complete the online survey that will be arriving in their email boxes in mid-to-late May; from this we can glean a comprehensive data sampling that accurately reflects all of our interests and concerns!


The semester concluded with the Provost hosting all university Lecturers at a reception on Monday, May 17th, from 4-6PM, in the Minnegan Room of Unitas Stadium.

According to the TU website (under the link for Prospective Students

822 Full-Time Faculty (173 are Lecturers and 649 are tenure-line)

723 Part-Time Faculty



Figure 1: 58% of TU’s 1545 Faculty are contingent. 




Figure 2: Nearly 20% of Contingents & Full-Time Faculty are in fact Lecturers




Figure 3: Number of Lecturers in Each Division of the University as of 2009-2010





Tina Kelleher

Lecturer, Department of English

Chair, Ad Hoc Lecturers Committee



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