Volume 2010 No. 3

December 2010



Important Messages!

A message from your TU-AAUP


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Editor's Note

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Treasurer's Report

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Member's Guest Column

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What has your

Towson Faculty Association/AAUP done for you lately?

Primary Caregiver Policy

Lecturer/Clinical Faculty Senate Representation Resolution

Furlough Resolution (passed by Senate Fall and Spring)

Maryland Regional Fall AAUP Meeting

Junior Faculty Meeting with Provost


Mark your calendars

for these upcoming events!

Family Care Policy Workshop

Friday, January 28th, noon

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MD AAUP Spring 2010

Meeting and Workshop

Saturday, April 16th,

8:30 AM-2 PM

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What Can You Do

to Advocate for Higher Education at Towson? 

Communicate the Issues!

Write or call your congressman or legislator!

Talk to your students about how furloughs affect their education, and encourage them to act, as well.

Publish an editorial!

For example:

Shaun Johnson (TU-AAUP Treasurer),

in Inside Higher Ed:



Shaun Johnson also writes a regular education blog for the Huffington Post:



Jennifer Ballengee (TU-AAUP President) ,

in the Baltimore Sun :





Committee Reports

Please click on each of the links below to learn about the range of activities in which your TU-AAUP is engaged.

Membership Committee

FLIC (ad hoc)

Committee W

Lecturers Committee (ad hoc)

Junior Faculty Committee

Government Relations Committee