Lecturers Committee (ad hoc)


The Ad Hoc Lecturer Committee met at noon on Friday, November 19th, 2010, in Linthicum 011, to discuss outcomes from the Lecturer survey distributed via email at the beginning of last summer. Around one-third (58 out of 171) completed the questionnaire, which addressed (among other things) issues relating to benefits, professional development and support, and workload.  A few recurrent themes emerged: a desire for better access to and information circulation about benefits administration and options; a need for more transparency in terms of assessment and workload expectations; and a wish for more professional development, recognition, and support.   


In light of the data solicited from the survey, the committee will be drafting some recommended guidelines with respect to Lecturers. This process requires additional research into existing circumstances and trends within the university system, as well as at our peer institutions. The committee will therefore be forming TULIP (Towson University Lecturer Information Project), to pool our collective research efforts. During intersession, the committee chair will be soliciting volunteers to pursue paths of inquiry; this will involve gathering information and posting things learned to a discussion board forum on the new TU-AAUP Sharepoint site (details about access and logistics TBA).  We will collect information, post it to the forum, and then synthesize it into a carefully researched document, as we decide upon the next action items to pursue.  Comments? Questions? Itching to join TULIP? Please contact the Ad Hoc Lecturer Comm. Chair at tkelleher@towson.edu .


Tina Kelleher (tkelleher@towson.edu)

Chair, Ad Hoc Lecturer Committee

Lecturer, Department of English

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