Faculty Mentoring Program Report – Spring 2010


The Development of Pilot, University-wide, Voluntary Faculty Mentoring Programs


In mid-April, an email was sent to all tenure-track faculty at TU inquiring about their interest in participating as mentees in future, university-wide faculty mentoring programs. Those interested were asked to respond to a survey linked to the email. Respondents were asked to provide information about: 1) their prior faculty mentoring experiences while at TU, and 2) their preferences regarding the kinds of university-wide mentoring programs in which they might like to participate. As of early May, 69 faculty members have responded to the survey.


The results of the survey will be used both to address future faculty mentoring policy at TU and to advance research in higher education faculty mentoring. The research component of this survey has been reviewed by the IRB, and received an exempt status. Survey results will shape the design of one or more university-wide, voluntary faculty mentoring programs. The TU-AAUP/Faculty Association will pilot one of these faculty mentoring programs; the rest will be proposed to the TU administration for consideration.

The results of this mentoring needs survey, as well as descriptions of the proposed faculty mentoring programs and the TU-AAUP/Faculty Association pilot faculty mentoring program, will be linked to the TU-AAUP/Faculty Association fall newsletter.


If you have not yet responded to the survey, are a tenure-track faculty member, and would like to take the survey please contact Pamela Lottero-Purdue (plottero@towson.edu) and she will send you a link to the survey.


Generation of a Report on the Status of Departmental Mentoring at TU


In addition to this faculty survey, the TU-AAUP/Faculty Association, with support from the Provost’s office, is gathering information from department chairs about the types of departmental faculty mentoring that exist on campus. Once this information has been gathered, a report on the status of departmental mentoring will appear in a future TU-AAUP/Faculty Association newsletter.


Pamela Lottero-Perdue, Ph.D.

TU-AAUP/Faculty Association JFC Chairperson

Assistant Professor of Science Education, Department of Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences



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