Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee Report

As vice-president I have been working during this AY 2010-2011 with our TU-AAUP President Jennifer Ballengee, along with members of the Towson Faculty Association/AAUP and other faculty on a number of issues of great concern to Towson University faculty.  While the academic climate at our university has been in flux due to changes in administration and in the larger economic climate, we have accomplished many things this past year including the introduction and passage of a Maternity Leave Policy and the establishment of a pilot program bolstering faculty mentorship across campus.  My main project, in my capacity as Chair of the Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee, has been to work with committee members to study the matters of faculty salary and compensation.  In the fall of 2010 the committee will finalize its work and I will present the findings of the Towson Faculty Association/AAUP study on Salary and Compensation to the University Senate.  Among the many issues mentioned by members of the TU-AAUP steering committee here in this newsletter, this may be the least talked about, yet among the most significant to faculty feeling that they are valued on the campus for the work that they do.  I want to personally thank the members of the committee that have helped generate the data for this report and the various faculty that have provided valuable input over the past several months.  The contents of the report will be made available in the fall for all faculty.  In the meantime, I hope everyone has a productive and restful summer.

Matthew Durington

Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

Vice-President, TU-AAUP Faculty Association

Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee Committee Chair


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