Treasurer's Report


Membership for Towson's chapter of the AAUP, just halfway through the year, has already grown 4% over last year; more impressively, Faculty Feast (a.k.a. crab feast) attendance this year swelled over 130% from the year before.  Interest is growing in the AAUP and, in fact, we've received membership dues even in the last few weeks. Please keep them coming!  


Over the ensuing weeks and months, we as a chapter are going to work on making membership easier and more convenient.  Half the time, I can't even find my own checkbook.  We are in the process of developing web tools to host information about the AAUP national organization, our chapter, and to collect membership information, including payment.  Once these procedures are finalized, we will inform you of the new process, which will hopefully streamline membership and ultimately encourage more faculty members to join.


Given the various changes that are occurring at Towson and to higher education writ large, support in numbers, collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines, and finding shared experiences may be more important than ever.  It behooves us all to demonstrate that we are supportive of the efforts of all faculty and that the success of others benefits all.  I can think of few better ways to show your support than to add your name to our membership.  Inasmuch as I would like to report that enthusiasm is greater than ever before, I feel that I cannot because we should be hearing more from faculty.  We should strive for nearly 100% membership, which is inclusive of adjunct and other part-time members.  So, please consider sending dues my way, allow me the privilege of adding your name to the rolls, and I look forward to seeing you at future gatherings.


Shaun Johnson (


Assistant Professor of Elementary Education

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