(ad hoc Family Leave Issues Committee)


The Family Leave and Illness Committee has met twice this semester to begin research for and draft a Family Leave policy that will compliment the Senate-approved Parental Leave policy. We are currently looking at both the university policies of our performance and aspirational peers, as well as stronger university and institutional Family Leave and Eldercare policies for models.


The length and commitment of the teaching semester, along with the sudden, intermittent and/or extended periods of leave that illnesses require, present a particular challenge when drafting a viable Family Leave policy. To that end, the Committee is focused on developing a policy with as much flexibility, and as many options for leave, as possible. Potential provisions include: the implementation of a University System of Maryland sick bank; emergency leave accrued separately from sick leave; semester leaves for more predictable illnesses or procedures; the ability to convert courses to hybrid/online during the semester; the ability to “bank” classes, overloading one semester for a reduced load later; temporary or part-time reduced status; modified duties at full pay.


The Committee will have a draft of the policy by the end of January 2011.  On January 28th at noon, the TU-AAUP will hold a Workshop to review and discuss this policy, providing suggestions for additions and deletions.  All interested faculty are welcome, and lunch will be provided; for this reason, RSVPs are necessary.  If you plan to attend, please RSVP Chris D'Addario now, so that we will have an accurate headcount.  Whatever policy emerges may impact all faculty in one manner or another; we hope you'll take an active role in the process of shaping our proposed policy document.


Chris D’Addario (cdaddario@towson.edu)

FLIC Committee Chair

Assistant Professor, Department of English

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