Auto-Email Response for

Furlough Days

In order to utilize furlough days/administrative leave to educate the public about the effects on teaching of the recent budget cuts to the University, the TU-AAUP/Faculty Association encourages all faculty to set their Outlook Email program to automatically respond to all incoming emails with some version of the following message. The auto-response mechanism sends an automatic response to all incoming emails, in addition to whatever additional non-automatic email response you may opt to send to any email you receive.

Auto-Email Response Message:


I’m sorry, but I am on mandatory administrative leave, so I will not be able to respond to your email today.


This is part of what is called, “Towson University’s Temporary Salary Reduction Administrative Furlough Leave Plan.”


Towson faculty have been asked to take furlough days (days in which we do not get paid and are not supposed to work) on non-teaching days, in order that our salary reduction might have a minimal impact on students. If I weren’t forced to take this unpaid leave today – my furlough day – I would most likely be doing these teaching-related things:



In other words, even though I am on unpaid administrative leave on this non-instructional day, my absence will clearly have an unfortunate impact upon my students and my teaching.  In the most immediate sense, it means I won’t be able to respond to your email today.

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