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January, 2010


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A note from the TU-AAUP/

Faculty Association President

Now is a time of urgency.  It is always dangerous to think in terms of emergency and urgency.  However, the current budget crisis has exacerbated trends in higher education that have already been threatening academic freedom, shared governance, and the quality of teaching and research at many universities and colleges across the country.  Now is a time of urgency, therefore, when we all must take an active role in protecting the quality of education that we deliver to our students.  This means, unequivocally, protecting the rights and responsibilities of university faculty. 


The national AAUP has written extensively lately on the danger of the financial crisis being used by administrations to institute “temporary” changes that then become permanent.  To read more about the kinds of issues they’re encountering in this regard, click here.


There are four ways in which you can help to maintain the quality of education and academic community at Towson:

1.  Join the TU-AAUP/ Faculty Association

Our strength lies primarily in our numbers.  If you’ve already joined, please also encourage your colleagues to join. I can’t emphasize this enough: the ability of the faculty to help shape decisions at Towson depends in part upon our having a sizeable, organized, and strong AAUP/Faculty Association.

2.  Participate in shared governance. 

There are a wealth of departmental, college, and university-wide committees in which you can make a difference.  Please take on such a responsibility, for your own sake—since this is your workplace—as well as for the sake of our students.  If you’re not already involved, nominate yourself for a committee when university election nominations open in February.

3.  Read this newsletter. 

In this newsletter, you’ll learn about TU-AAUP initiatives that we are spearheading this year: developing a Primary Caregiver Leave Policy (step one in a two-step process that will continue into next year); creating and facilitating a voluntary faculty mentoring program; conducting a salary and compensation study; and, organizing various opportunities for faculty exchange and community.

4.  Join the National AAUP and read their website.

The AAUP website is full of valuable information on legislation and resources for issues that directly affect our lives and the careers of faculty everywhere in the United States.  You can join the National AAUP on their website:  www.aaup.org.


Thanks for all that you all do to make Towson University the vibrant academic community and institute of higher learning that it is.  I hope you’ll all take the current budget crisis as a prompt to become even more actively involved in shared governance.  It’s up to us to take responsibility for the quality of our students’ education and the quality of our own profession. No one is going to protect higher education for us; we must do it ourselves.


Jennifer Ballengee

President, TU-AAUP / Faculty Association

Associate Professor, Department of English



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