Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee


Chair:  Matthew Durington,

Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice




At the campus wide spring 2009 TU AAUP meeting members raised several issues that affect all faculty: the processes related to salary, compression, and merit at Towson University.  At that time, the TU AAUP formed an ad-hoc committee to address those issues.  Despite the economic crisis and budget climate that we are currently facing, it is important to think about these issues both in the present and over the long-term.  The Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee of the TU AAUP hopes to provide a framework for understanding salary, compression and merit, each as a separate issue, in addition to how they compound one another, while also providing some possible strategies for moving that conversation forward. Committee members, including myself, Michelle Manasse, Kimberly Katz, Tim Sullivan, Jennifer Ballengee and Richard Vatz have been in an information-gathering phase and have started on the process of authoring a report.  The committee will meet three times in spring 2010 before submitting a report to the faculty, administration and senate in April 2010.  If any AAUP member or faculty/staff would like to have input on the issues of salary, compression and merit please feel free to contact Matthew Durington between now and mid-March 2010.



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