Volume 2009 No. 1

Spring, 2009


AAUP Committee Reports

Interested in helping to activate or in serving on AAUP committees?

Junior Faculty Committee Harry Hochheiser, Dept. of Computer and Information Science

The Junior Faculty Committee was relatively quiet during the fall semester. We have been working with the AAUP leadership to follow-up on the specific concerns identified during the 2007-2008 academic year: Research, Development Funds and Travel; Work Load; University Growth; Salary; and Promotion and Tenure.  Many of these issues will likely need to be revisited through the lens of the ongoing financial stresses that TU and USM are now facing.

We are currently working on scheduling the traditional Spring JFC meeting with the Provost, and would like to invite any and all interested junior (or senior) faculty to contribute ideas for the agenda and to help prepare any materials that we might want to provide for discussion.

Clarity of purpose and documentation of our concerns will help make this meeting as productive as possible, so your input is desperately needed.

As always, we're interested in hearing about the concerns and challenges facing junior faculty.  We'd particularly be interested in hearing if anyone has been facing difficulties with two aspects of campus life that are relatively unfamiliar: the third-year review and the furlough process. Please contact me at hhochheiser@towson.edu or by phone at 4-3090 if you have any questions, concerns, or righteous indignation that needs our attention.

Family Leave Issues Committee Karen Oslund, Department of History

In Fall 2008, Towson AAUP formed a new committee: Family Leave Issues Committee (FLIC).   The FLIC has been charged with writing a proposal to the University Senate for a consistent policy on family leave, including leave taken for child birth and adoption, leave for elder care, or for the illness of family members.  Towson University, like the rest of the University of Mayland system, currently allows employees in these circumstances to take unpaid leave, in accordance with the federal law (the Family and Medical Leave Act).  Presently, we are collecting information on  policies of peer institutions, and we hope to complete and present this proposal by Fall 2009.  Anyone wishing to work on this issue or share personal stories relevant to this topic is urged to contact the chair of FLIC, Karen Oslund, Department of History, at koslund@towson.edu.

See the Towson AAUP Bylaws for a list of all designated committees.

Committee W - Ayse Dayi (Women's Studies) and Leticia Romo (Foreign Languages)

Committee W continues its work to bring better parental leave policies to Towson University. Last semester, we grew in number and energy and are working in conjunction with the new AAUP ad hoc Family Leave Issues Committee (FLIC) that is working on the larger issues of family leave, such as caring for parents, partners, and young children.

Thanks to arrangements made by our provost and Jennifer Ballengee, on November 18, 2008, members of Committee W and FLIC attended the teleconference on “Benchmarks for Family Friendly Policies” where it was made evident to us that maternity leave and family leave are important issues for faculty and staff in many campuses.
Having looked at policies from various campuses, we are currently preparing to interview faculty at Towson who took parental leave in the last 10 years; possibly to be complemented by a multi-campus survey.  We plan to formulate policy statements to be presented to various campus committees, including the Faculty Senate.  We need individuals to help conduct interviews, suggest individuals to be interviewed (or share your own experiences), and review literature on the topic. If you would like to join us, please email Ayse Dayi at adayi@towson.edu
Ayse Dayi and Leticia Romo, Co-Chairs, Committee W

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