Volume 2009 No. 1

Spring, 2009



Family Leave Issues Committee Karen Oslund, Department of History

In Fall 2008, Towson AAUP formed a new committee: Family Leave Issues Committee (FLIC).   The FLIC has been charged with writing a proposal to the University Senate for a consistent policy on family leave, including leave taken for child birth and adoption, leave for elder care, or for the illness of family members.  Towson University, like the rest of the University of Mayland system, currently allows employees in these circumstances to take unpaid leave, in accordance with the federal law (the Family and Medical Leave Act).  Presently, we are collecting information on  policies of peer institutions, and we hope to complete and present this proposal by Fall 2009.  Anyone wishing to work on this issue or share personal stories relevant to this topic is urged to contact the chair of FLIC, Karen Oslund, Department of History, at koslund@towson.edu.

See the Towson AAUP Bylaws for a list of all designated committees.


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