Volume 2009 No. 1

Spring, 2009


AAUP Officers:


Please join us for an

Open Town Hall Meeting

for all Faculty with

Provost Clements:  Wednesday, February 11, 3:30-4:30 PM

UU 0204 Loch Raven Room

President's Corner

Jennifer Ballengee, English

Welcome to the Spring 2009 Newsletter of the Towson AAUP.  Some of you reading this may be members, while others are not. Regardless of your membership status with the Towson AAUP, I want to share with you some of the issues that our chapter of the AAUP has been addressing this year.  If you’re not yet a member, I hope you’ll join after you read this (or even before you do!).  We meet once a semester, and the membership fee is limited to $15. The burden is not high, but the benefits can be great.  Each additional voice can make a difference—as much as anything can—in our faculty community and in the campus at-large.  Certainly a large number of voices grouped collectively behind an issue has more influence than can individual voices raised disparately.

What are these issues about which I would have us “make a difference”...? 

Treasurer's Report

Isabel Castro-Vasquez, Foreign Languages

Towson AAUP’s membership is strong and growing--we already have over 100 members.  If each of those members brought in just one colleague our numbers would double and our voice of advocacy would be that much stronger.

Our 3rd Annual September Crab Feast / Bull Roast was a big success, as a social event and as a membership drive...

Committee Reports

Junior Faculty Committee – Harry Hochheiser, Dept. of Computer and Information Science

The Junior Faculty Committee was relatively quiet during the fall semester. We have been working with the AAUP leadership to follow-up on the specific concerns identified during the 2007-2008 academic year: Research, Development Funds and Travel; Work Load; University Growth; Salary; and Promotion and Tenure.  Many of these issues will likely need to be revisited through the lens of the ongoing financial stresses that TU and USM are now facing. 

Family Leave Issues Committee- Karen Oslund, Department of History

In Fall 2008, Towson AAUP formed a new committee: Family Leave Issues Committee (FLIC)

Committee W - Ayse Dayi (Women's Studies) and Leticia Romo (Foreign Languages)

Committee W continues its work to bring better parental leave policies to Towson University.

Editor’s Note – Kimberly Katz, Department of History

As the decisions come down from the USM and TU’s Administration about the state of affairs and the state of our institution, there has probably never been a greater time for faculty to come together to confront the challenges ahead of us.  Furloughs, the workload, reduced spending on programs of importance to our educational mission – all of these factors call for faculty to turn to the AAUP for leadership, the faculty organization of distinction, the organization that persists in its efforts to ensure academic freedom and a healthy work environment as efforts abound to try to prevent that.  Still, one can see hope as a new president is inaugurated and begins his work by undoing much of the damage from the previous administration. Nevertheless, the reasons to join the Towson chapter of the American Association of University Professors couldn’t be more compelling.  Join today! 



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