Volume 2009 No. 1

Spring, 2009



February 2009 Newsletter >  Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's Report

Isabel Castro-Vasquez, Foreign Languages (on leave spring 2009)

Towson AAUP’s membership is strong and growing--we already have over 100 members.  If each of those members brought in just one colleague our numbers would double and our voice of advocacy would be that much stronger.

Our 3rd Annual September Crab Feast / Bull Roast was a big success, as a social event and as a membership drive.  The event was well attended by family and friends, there was a bountiful spread of delicious food, and everyone had a great time.  Keep the 4th Annual September Crab Feast / Bull Roast in mind as dates will be forthcoming later in the semester.

Second Friday events have also become a lively and popular event, always sparking interesting conversation and debate among faculty.  After the talks, everyone usually ends up at the University Club for happy hour.  This has been a good membership draw and, more importantly, a nice chance to engage in the community.

Support among faculty is steadily rising and we are reaching a more and more diverse population through different kinds of events. We appreciate the support of the membership and of Provost Clements over the last couple of year.

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