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Fall, 2006



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President's Invitation

John McLucas, Professor, Modern Languages
Towson AAUP President

Dear colleagues,

Welcome back to school, and I know that all of us on the faculty join in wishing a special welcome to new faculty members. I had the opportunity to meet many of our new colleagues at an event this summer, and I can assure everyone that Towson’s new hires continue to be outstanding.

We will kick off this year’s programs and membership drive with an event that should be a lot of fun: a “Faculty and Friends” crab-feast/bull roast on Friday evening, September 29. Details are given on the front page of this newsletter. The faculty price is $25, of which $15 will be used to pay your annual chapter dues. (“Friends” will pay $35.) This represents a significant underwriting by the chapter and indicates how eager we are to begin the year with a strong membership. I hope to see all of you there.

The main agenda will be to have as much crazy fun as possible; however, there will be a few microphone-moments to outline priorities and programs for the coming academic year. Brace yourselves for my sales-pitch on the importance of joining the national AAUP as well as our local chapter. Forms will be available at the event for various payment options, including payroll-deduction.

I want to thank all of you for the work you do on behalf of the university, our colleagues, and most of all our students. I hope this is a productive and exciting year for all of us.




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