Volume 2006 No. 1

Spring, 2007


AAUP Committee Reports

Committee on Contingent Faculty (Full-time Lecturers and Part-time Adjuncts)
Julie Reiser, English (jreiser@towson.edu)

During the first week in May, the Committee on Contingent Faculty will distribute an email-based survey to all full-time Lecturers at Towson. We hope to create a profile of Lecturers across all the various disciplines to ascertain their professional concerns, to identify their shared interests, and to learn more about how they contribute to campus life and the larger Towson community. We hope you'll encourage every Lecturer in your department to participate. The more completed responses we obtain, the more representative and useful our survey results will be. We look forward to sharing the results of this survey in a future issue of the AAUP newsletter.

Grievance and Mediation Committee
Nicole Dombrowski Risser, History (ndombrowski@towson.edu)

The Grievance and Mediation Committee is a standing committee of the AAUP / Faculty Association. It hears faculty allegations of grievances in all campus matters except those within the jurisdiction of the Promotions and Tenure Committees. If it finds sufficient evidence of a grievance and is unable to resolve the dispute, it may recommend that the Faculty Hearing Committee conduct a full hearing, as provided by Senate regulations.

The Grievance Committee has been approached this year with one possible grievance, but has not yet heard it. Faculty wishing to file grievances should first contact Professor John McLucas who will then send your grievance to our committee.

Junior Faculty Committee
Akim Reinhardt, History (areinhardt@towson.edu)

The Junior Faculty Committee (JFC) of the AAUP meets once per semester to set its agenda and monthly with Provost Brenan. Issues addressed this year included salary compression, workload, and research funding for junior faculty. The JFC added three new members this year: Matt Durington, Clare Muhoro, and Vincent Thomas. The committee is also seeking members from all colleges for the 2007-2007 year. If you are interested in joining the JFC or would like to recommend someone whom you think would be, please contact Committee Chair Akim Reinhardt.

Committee W
Deborah Shaller, English (dshaller@towson.edu)
K. Edgington, English (kedgington@towson.edu)

Below is the national AAUP Committee W's survey. As faculty members work toward reanimating Committee W here on campus, we'd like to know what you're thinking about the status of female faculty at Towson. Please help us by taking a few minutes to fill out the survey and return it to Deborah Shaller or K. Edgington. Or if you'd prefer, just send us an e-mail describing the issues that mean the most to you.

Surveys can, of course, be sent anonymously.

One way or the other, we'll report back on what you tell us. Many thanks for your help.

Interested in helping to activate or in serving on AAUP committees?

See the Towson AAUP Bylaws for a list of all designated committees.


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