Volume 2006 No. 1

Spring, 2006



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Treasurer's Report

Jennifer Ballengee, English

The Towson chapter of the AAUP is active and growing! We currently have 100 members, a significant increase over past years. Nevertheless, this number represents only about 25% (in fact, a little bit less) of full-time faculty at Towson. The strength of our organization lies in the number of voices it represents. If every member recruited two new members, the chapter would represent over 50% of Towson's faculty. Please encourage your colleagues to contribute to the vitality of Towson's academic community by joining the Towson chapter of the AAUP.

Members of Towson's AAUP chapter must also join the AAUP at the national level in order to be considered active members of the AAUP. Members at the national level can participate in the governance and direction of the AAUP. In addition, national members are eligible for special deals such as group insurance through the AAUP. National membership also includes a subscription to Academe, the AAUP bimonthly journal, which features the annual salary report, informative articles on the state of the profession, and reports on issues of shared governance and actions taken by faculty nationwide. Please consider joining the AAUP at the national level.

For more information, or to join the national AAUP, log on to www.aaup.org.


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