Volume 2006 No. 1

Spring, 2006


Welcome to the Online AAUP Newsletter!

This is the first electronic edition of the AAUP newsletter. To save trees and save costs, we have gone digital. This allows us to fit more news more easily, and to have it available to you at your fingertips. We hope you will find that this expands our AAUP/Faculty Association's ability to serve and respond to your needs.

AAUP Committees Rebound

Towson's AAUP/Faculty Association has eleven committees defined in its bylaws, but in recent years few if any of these have been active. Now some faculty are reactivating these important committees and revitalizing their role in shared governance.
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Membership hits 100...but more is more.

The Towson chapter of the AAUP is active and growing! We currently have 99 members, a significant increase over past years. Nevertheless, this number represents only about 25% (in fact, a little bit less) of full-time faculty at Towson.
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Other Stories

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President's Corner

Towson AAUP President John McLucas discusses current activities and issues facing the faculty association.

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