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Spring, 2007



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Treasurer's Report

Jennifer Ballengee, English

The Towson University chapter of the AAUP currently has nearly 100 members.  This is great news, but it could be better!  Our membership includes tenured and tenure-track faculty, as well as lecturers.  Current tenured or tenure-track faculty at Towson have reached 507 in number, with quite a few lecturers as well.  This means that there are many faculty members who have yet to join the AAUP.  Since we are a non-bargaining unit, our strength lies primarily in numbers and a strong voice.  We can easily double the number of members if each current AAUP member will encourage just ONE person in his or her department or college to join. 

Please keep in mind that in order to be considered an active member of the national AAUP organization you must also join at the national level, which we hope you will all do.  To join the AAUP national organization, simply go to the AAUP website (www.aaup.org), where you can also check out all of the actions and political work that the national organization has been doing.

At our last meeting, we elected a new Treasurer.  I hope you will all join me in welcoming Isabel Castro-Vazquez (Foreign Languages Department) to this position.

I hope I'll see all of you at our Fall membership drive event (and party), the 2nd Annual Faculty and Friends Crab Feast / Bull Roast already scheduled for Friday, Sept. 28th, 2007, at 6 PM at the Auburn House Pavilion.  This is a great opportunity to invite new faculty to join us!

Any membership dues received after May 1, 2007 will be applied to next year's dues.  Membership in the Towson chapter is $15; checks should be made out to TU-AAUP and sent to Jennifer Ballengee in the English Department.


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