Volume 2006 No. 3

Winter, 2006


AAUP Committee Reports

Committee on Contingent Faculty (Full-time Lecturers and Part-time Adjuncts)
Julie Reiser, English (jreiser@towson.edu)

Sub-committee on Contingent Faculty Seeks Adjuncts and Lecturers
Last spring, the Towson branch of the AAUP formed a sub-committee on contingent faculty to help address concerns about flexible labor, academic freedom, and administrative policies toward Lecturers, adjuncts, and other non-tenure track instructors. We currently have three Lecturers from English, and we'd like to broaden our representation across different colleges and disciplines by including Lecturers and adjuncts from other disciplines. If you're interested in joining the committee, please email Julie Reiser at jreiser@towson.edu.

Lecturer Survey Results Are In!
At the end of Spring 2006, the sub-committee on contingent faculty distributed an email survey to all full-time Lecturers within the university. This questionnaire was designed to help us create a profile of Lecturers across disciplines, to ascertain their professional concerns and shared interests, and to learn more about how they contribute to campus life and the Towson community.

The response proved informative and significant: nearly thirty percent of the university's 137 Lecturers submitted completed surveys, and we received responses from Lecturers in some fourteen different departments across all six colleges of the university: CBE, CHP, CLA, COE, COFAC, CSM. We look forward to publishing more specifics from our survey findings in the AAUP's Spring 2007 Newsletter. The committee is also looking at the prospect of surveying adjuncts in Fall 2007 or Spring 2008.

For more information about contingent faculty all over the U.S., please see AAUP's comprehensive profile on its website:

Google Group Listserv for All Contingent Faculty
The sub-committee on contingent faculty has created a Google group listserv for contingent faculty to announce events, share concerns, contact other contingent faculty, and ask questions. If you are a lecturer, adjunct, or non-tenure track instructor and want to join the list, please send an email from your Towson account to jreiser@towson.edu. In your message, please list your name, department, and contact information. While the listserv is in its initial stages, it will be a group-wide email list to facilitate discussion. However, once the group gets enough members, we will create two lists--a moderated list for announcements and an unmoderated list for chatting.

Junior Faculty Committee
Matt Durington, Anthropology (mdurington@towson.edu)

The AAUP Junior Faculty Committee needs you!
The AAUP Junior Faculty Committee formed three years ago to address the issue of workload in relation to the expectations of junior faculty at Towson University. Since that time, the intent of the committee has been to increase communication between the administration and junior faculty around issues pertaining to tenure and promotion. If a junior faculty member has an issue he or she would like discussed, the Committee serves as an informal forum to collect information to be addressed in the spirit of collegial exchange. The Committee meets informally with the Provost once a month throughout the academic year. As members of the Committee have joined or rotated off in the last three years, they continuously reach out to their colleagues across the various colleges to solicit feedback on issues of concern to bring to the Provost for discussion.

For the academic year of 2006-2007 the Committee consists of: Judith Guerrero (College of Education); Vincent Thomas and Marguerite Baker (College of Fine Arts and Communication); Joy Watts and Felice Shore (Jess and Mildred Fisher College of Science and Mathematics); Mel Brennan (College of Health Professions); and Matthew Durington, Isabel Castro Vasquez and Christine Eith (College of Liberal Arts). At this time, there are no representatives from the College of Business and Economics, something we hope to change!

Members are recruited by other AAUP members in the summer leading in to the academic year, with the hope and goal of increasing participation from every college as time progresses. That said, we are continuously looking for faculty in their first four years at Towson to participate on the Committee. The AAUP Junior Faculty Committee is an excellent way to increase your contextual knowledge of different issues facing all faculty at Towson University. If you would like to participate for the spring of 2007 or the academic year of 2007-2008 please contact Matthew Durington (mdurington@towson.edu) or any of the members listed above in your respective college.

Committee W
Ayse Dayi, Women's Studies: adayi@towson.edu
Leticia Romo, Modern Languages: lromo@towson.edu

Maybe because women are better at multi-tasking (as the research maintains), or due to our naiveté as new faculty, Leticia Romo and I decided to chair the Women's Committee of AAUP. We would like to work on various issues of concern to women faculty (whether tenured or in tenure-track, lecturer or adjunct positions). These could include discrimination in salary compensation; treatment by colleagues (both male and female faculty) as well as students; promotion and tenure; teaching and research opportunities; opportunities for women mentors; promotion of women of color and international women faculty; child care concerns; and, benefits equality for lesbian and bisexual faculty. We would also like to think of ways to celebrate and make visible Towson University's women faculty's accomplishments! We invite you to join us in determining the issues significant to women on this campus and then work on them together. Please email Leticia and me to join the group and/or give your input for issues to address.

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