Volume 2006 No. 3

Winter, 2006



Towson AAUP Crab Fest & Bull Roast a "Memberable" Evening

The First Annual Towson AAUP Faculty Membership Drive featured a "Faculty and Friends" Crab Feast/Bull Roast, held at Auburn House Pavilion on Friday Sept. 29, from 7 to 11 pm.

The only campus-wide social event just for faculty, the Crab Fest was organized as a kick-off to the academic year. It provided a great opportunity for faculty to meet in a fun social setting,

Towson AAUP President John McLucas described the main agenda as being “to have as much crazy fun as possible”--and the event delivered. In addition, though, the evening was punctuated by a brief discussion of the importance of our faculty association in the process of shared governance and of the need to continue expanding our membership. The soft glow and warm wood of the Pavilion made for a relaxed and intimate setting, live DJ (and TU alumnus) Frank J. Marsden IV spun smooth tunes, and faculty mingled and applied themselves diligently to making a dent in the enormous quantities of delicious food provided.

For those who attended, the event was more than worth the cheap price of admission. Crabs outnumbered consumers by an outrageous ratio, and that was just the beginning of the sumptuous buffet that included pit beef, fried chicken, creamy yellow macaroni and cheese (Jennifer consumed 8 gallons of it), assorted vegetable dishes, fruits, and desserts. Beer flowed freely, as well as soft drinks. At several tables, the piles of shells suggested a crab-eating contest was under way. Maryland crabs are especially fat in September, and these were beauties.

Faculty attendees noted the incredible value of the event. For a mere $25—fifteen of which paid a faculty member’s yearly Towson AAUP dues—guests could eat as many crabs (and drink as many beers) as time permitted. Faculty friends and family members were welcome for a mere ten dollars more--and children and spouses were happily in abundance, clearly enjoying the party.

Did you miss it? Don’t worry, the Towson AAUP plans on making this an annual event. So watch for news of next year’s fest.


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