Volume 2006 No. 3

Winter, 2006



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Treasurer's Report

Jennifer Ballengee, English / Cultural Studies

Our local chapter membership is growing! We have nearly 100 members already this year (Last year Towson’s AAUP chapter topped 100 for the first time in years). We have many new members—especially new faculty—who have become a part of our organization for the first time this year. Most of our current members have renewed, too—but not everyone! Please make sure that you’ve renewed your membership for this year. If you’re in doubt (it happens this time of year), just send me an e-mail (jballeng@towson.edu) and I’ll be happy to check our records for you.

But wait, there’s more!—If each one of you chapter members would recruit just one additional member from your department, we’d have over 200 members—approaching nearer to 50% of the faculty. Since our university does not have collective bargaining, our strength lies in the number of voices we can raise together. The larger our membership, the greater our potential to help make sure Towson remains the kind of productive and vibrant academic community that we all want it to be.

But wait, there’s more!—In order to be considered an active member of the national AAUP, one actually needs to be a member of the national AAUP organization. Dues for the national AAUP must be paid directly to the AAUP (not to me). They have many convenient ways to do this, including automatic monthly debits. Click now on this link to join the national AAUP: http://www.aaup.org/AAUP/involved/join/.

Why should you join the national AAUP? Here’s why: “Joining the AAUP says that you’re concerned about academic freedom, and about the way that basic freedom protects your teaching and research. It says that participating in faculty governance is important to you, and that you are concerned about career issues, tenure, and the overuse of contingent faculty. By joining, faculty members, academic professionals, and graduate students help to shape the future of our profession and proclaim their dedication to the education community. In addition, there are many practical benefits--discounts, insurance programs, financial incentives--available to AAUP members. Join your colleagues today to promote and protect your profession.” Check the AAUP website (by clicking on any of the above links) to see what actions they’ve been taking lately.

Finally, please consider serving as an AAUP departmental representative. Departmental representatives serve as liaisons between the AAUP and departments, encouraging colleagues to join and occasionally spreading the word about meetings and other AAUP activities. So far, only the departments of History, Foreign Languages, Music, and English have volunteers to do this. Surely you'd like your department to be represented, too, right?


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