Volume 2006 No. 3

Winter, 2006


Executive Committee Reports

President's Corner

AAUP President John McLucas looks at recent achievements and new priorities, including the Junior Faculty Committee request for a third-year review process to be instituted for junior faculty as they advance towards tenure; Towson AAUP’s active support of the Senate’s decision to give partial health-benefits to contingent faculty; Towson AAUP efforts regarding salary compression; the development of policies on work-load; and the creation of an all-faculty email list.

Treasurer's Report

Our local chapter membership is growing! We have nearly 100 members already this year (Last year Towson’s AAUP chapter topped 100 for the first time in years). We have many new members—especially new faculty—who have become a part of our organization for the first time this year. But this is only the beginning of the growth we should have.
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