Volume 2006 No. 3

Winter, 2006


Towson AAUP Crab Fest & Bull Roast a "Memberable" Evening

The First Annual Towson AAUP / Faculty Association Membership drive event, held at Auburn House Pavilion, was an evening of smooth music, flowing drinks, and awesome food.
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Terrorism versus Academic Freedom

A national AAUP official has warned Maryland academics of an “awful situation” that could develop concerning academic freedom should terrorist attacks similar to that of “9/11” occur again.
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Membership grows, but needs your help

Our local chapter membership is growing! We have nearly 100 members already this year (Last year Towson’s AAUP chapter topped 100 for the first time in years). We have many new members—especially new faculty—who have become a part of our organization for the first time this year. But this is only the beginning of the growth we should have.
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Editorial: Using all our Faculties

Departing AAUP Secretary and Newsletter Editor marks the re-emergence of the Towson AAUP / Faculty Association, and states that it takes a collective effort to ensure that faculty rights are defended.
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Your Faculty at Work:

College Representatives

  • Jim Anthony (Music), COFAC
  • Doug Ross (Management), CBE
  • Alex Storrs (Physics), FCMHS
  • Sharon Buchbinder (Health Science), CHP
  • Barbara Laster (Reading), COE
  • John McLucas (Foreign Languages) or Jennifer Ballengee (English), CLA.

Committee Chairs:

  • Committee on Contingent Faculty: Julie Reiser (English)
  • Committee on the Status of Women: Ayse Dayi (Women’s Studies) and Leticia Romo (Foreign Languages)
  • Junior Faculty Committee: Matt Durington (Sociology, Anthropology,and Criminal Justice)
  • Faculty Grievance Committe: Nicole Dombrowski (History)

President's Corner

Towson AAUP President John McLucas discusses current activities and issues facing the faculty association.

AAUP Officers:


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