Institutional Review Board

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research is the first point of contact regarding human subjects research at (or involving) Towson University faculty, staff or students.

The use of human subjects in Towson University faculty, staff or student research requires approval by the appropriate university review committee. This committee, the IRB, appointed by the president, is comprised of volunteers from Towson University's faculty and staff and at least one member of the community. The current chair of Towson University's IRB is Professor Elizabeth Katz, from the Department of Psychology. The IRB is responsible for reviewing research involving human subjects to ensure compliance with all governmental regulations with the use of human subjects. Approval of the IRB must be obtained prior to the involvement of human subjects in research, and for any modifications to the project after IRB approval which would impact the human participants. Applicable federal regulations are detailed in Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 46.

Towson University Institutional Review Board Members

  • Current Chairperson — Elizabeth Katz, Ph.D. - Psychology
  • Deborah Gartland, Ph.D. - Special Education
  • Peter Lisman, Ph.D. - Kinesiology
  • Peggy Korczak, Ph.D - Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology   and Deaf Studies
  • Bruce Mortenson, Ph.D. - Psychology
  • Bethany Willis Hepp, Ph.D. - Family Studies
  • Todd Moyer, Ed.D. - Mathematics
  • Melissa Groves, Ph.D. - Economics
  • Scot McNary, Ph.D. - Educational Technology and Literacy
  • Devon Dobrosielski, Ph.D. - Kinesiology
  • Margaret Kroen, MS, LCSW-Community member

Towson University Information

Federal-Wide Assurance Number — FWA00003648, expires 9/2021

IORG Number — IORG0002307

IRB Number IRB00002844