Study Abroad

Study abroad is a rewarding, life-transforming experience and an integral part of your academic pursuit.

student studying abroad

Ready to study international business from a CEO in Spain? How about teaching ecological concepts to communities in Costa Rica? Or have you always wanted to learn French—in Paris?

Towson University students participate in more than 93 study abroad programs on six continents. Top destinations for TU students include the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Ireland and Costa Rica.

You can pursue study aboard opportunities for an academic term, Minimester, summer or the entire year. A study abroad experience can fulfill Core Curriculum and major and minor requirements. You don't need to know a second language to study abroad in many non-English speaking countries. (Of course, you can certainly get some practice while you’re there.)

Financial aid and scholarships can be used for study abroad and specific scholarships for international education are also available. Visit the Study Abroad Office to learn more.