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Alternative Transportation Program & Green Initiatives

1.  What is the Alternative Transportation Program?

The Alternative Transportation Program offers TU members cost-effective and environmentally friendly transportation options. The program includes off-campus shuttle service, a public transit subsidy, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, and carpooling.  The university has also partnered with Zipcar.  Zipcar is a car sharing service that provides wheels when you need them. For details, go to www.zipcar.com/towson.

2.  Can I receive a discount on my permit if my vehicle gets better gas mileage than a Smartway Elite vehicle?

Towson University is only offering permit discounts to drivers of certified Smartway Elite vehicles. These vehicles demonstrate a commitment to the environement because they are not only gas efficient, but they also have lower greenhouse gas emissions.

3.  It costs more to purchase a certified Smartway Elite vehicle.  I can’t afford that, so why can't I get a discount?  Those who can afford a Smartway Elite vehicle can afford the higher permit rate.  Why should I purchase a Smartway Elite vehicle to get the permit discount?

Purchasing a Smartway Elite vehicle requires an initial investment. It provides owners significant cost savings over the life cycle of the car.  The increased efficiency in gas associated with Smartway Elite vehicles can add up to $3,000 a year in cost savings, depending on the type of car you currently drive.  When compounded over the life cycle of the car, this cost savings far surpasses the initial investment made.


4.  Is a discount offered to those who carpool?

A permit discount is not offered; however, carpoolers can take advantage of the incentives offered to registered members of the Alternative Transportation Program.  The incentives include four free parking passes per semester and free enrollment in the Guaranteed Ride Home program.

5. How do I use the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations across campus?

Individuals must sign up for a ChargePoint card online at www.chargepoint.com , or use any contactless credit card with the ChargePoint station. Users may also activate units by calling the posted number at the charging station. Individuals wishing to use the stations still must have a valid TU parking permit Mon-Thurs, 6am-8pm and Friday, 6am-3pm.

For a helpful EV Charging Station tutorial video, please click here.



1. Can I use a TU shuttle for my trip?
A TU shuttle is only available for Saturday and Sunday trips within the state of Maryland that have an academic agenda. Charters for entertainment (ex: athletic games, amusement parks, etc.) must be contracted with an outside charter bus company.
To get an estimate or to schedule a charter, complete and submit the Transportation Request Form. A confirmation will not be sent automatically. An email confirmation will be forwarded within three – five business days.

2. How much does it costs to rent a bus?
To receive a charter quote, complete the Transportation Request Form and submit it three – four weeks prior to your desired charter date. The general cost for a TU shuttle is $40 per hour plus $1.50 per mile. Please contact our office via email at uride@towson.edu or call 410-704-3515 to discuss school bus and motor coach options.

3. Can I rent a van from Parking & Transportation Services?
No. You must contact Fleet Services to rent a van. On a limited basis, Parking & Transportation may be able to provide a driver for the van, but the rental must be completed by your department.

4. How many passengers can the bus hold?
We have shuttles that have a maximum capacity of 38, 33 and 27 passengers. If someone in your group has mobility issues and needs special accommodations, please ensure you include that information on your request.

5. Can I use my own bus company?
In accordance with University policy, all bus contracts must be arranged through Parking & Transportation Services. A Transportation Request Form should be completed and submitted online.

6. How do we pay for the charter?
Your charter will be invoiced to the department code provided two weeks after the charter date for a TU shuttle and up to six weeks for a vendor charter.



1.  I received a parking citation. What do I do?

You must pay the citation at the Auxiliary Services Business Office or online.  You have the right to appeal the citation online within 25 calendar days of the citation issue date.  To pay a citation or file an appeal online, go to the Parking and Transportation Services Web site and select the eParking link.


2.  How do I appeal a citation?

The easiest way to appeal a citation is by submitting an online appeal at http://parking.towson.edu. The appeal must be submitted within 25 calendar days of the date of the citation issuance. Verbal appeals are not accepted at the Parking and Transportation office.


3.  What can I do if I disagree with the appeal decision?

All appeal decisions are final.  The appeal procedures may be reviewed on the Parking and Transportation Services website by selecting the policies and regulations link.


4.  What happens if I receive more than one citation?

Each citation must be paid.  If an individual continuously receives citations within a short period of time and they remain unpaid, then the individual will lose his or her parking privileges on campus.


5.  How is the amount for citation fees determined?

Citation fees are reviewed and approved by the University President’s Council.


6.  If I receive a parking citation and have a valid parking permit, do I have to pay the fine?

Individuals with valid parking permits who receive a citation should notify Parking Services in writing by filing an appeal online. The appeal will be investigated, and if your permit was purchased before the citation was issued, it may be downgraded or converted to improper parking if you were parked in an area that is not valid for your permit type.


7.  Are the parking citations real?  Why should I follow the parking regulations? 
Citations issued by Towson University are written under the Maryland Uniform Citation Code and carry the weight and importance of citations issued by any law enforcement agency in the state of Maryland. Parking regulations are in effect to maintain a safe environment and to ensure efficient use of resources. Vehicles will be towed if five or more citations have been issued. This rule is applicable to paid or unpaid citations.



1. How do I request parking for an event?
An event parking request must be submitted for all events that will require parking for 10 or more vehicles belonging to outside guests who do not have a Towson University parking permit. This includes events being held outside of parking permit enforcement hours. To request event parking, please go to the following link to complete and submit a request. The request should include as much detail as possible, along with an accurate billing code.

2. When should the event parking request be submitted?
Event requests should be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the event and should include a budget code and thorough details. To ensure the best selection of parking resources for your event, it is best to submit your request as far in advance as possible. We will make every effort to assign a parking location close to the event location; however, during peak times parking will not be assigned on the core campus. Event requests are processed on a first-come-first-served basis.

3. Will I receive a confirmation when the request is submitted?
You will receive a confirmation within three business days with a cost estimate. If the estimate is not received within three business days, please call 410-704-3515.

4. Where can my guests park?
Peak times are Monday – Thursday 7 am – 3 pm. During these times parking will be assigned at the West Village Garage, Towson Center lots, or lot 24 (near Administration building). Events with an expected attendance above 400 should be scheduled on non-peak days which are Friday - Sunday. In order to ensure parking for our campus community, parking for outside guests during peak times will not be accommodated.

5. What are peak and non-peak hours for event parking?
Peak hours are Monday – Thursday, 7 am – 3 pm, during which time the availability of event parking will be limited and will not be assigned on the core campus. Non-peak times are Monday – Friday after 3 p.m., Saturday and Sunday.

6. Can I reserve parking spaces for my event guests?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests to reserve parking spaces for guests.

7. Do you have directions to the parking location?
Yes. We will forward directions upon request.

8. Do I need to pay for my guests to park on campus?
Yes, during enforcement hours, all guests must pay for parking. Departments wishing to pay for guest parking will be charged to the budget code provided on the request form. You may also choose to have your guests pay for parking on their own by obtaining a permit from a pay station and parking in visitor spaces. For events that occur outside of the required enforcement hours, Monday – Thursday after 8 pm and Friday after 3 pm until 6 am on Monday, permits are not required.

9. How do I cancel an event?
To avoid charges for your cancelled event, we must be notified at least 48 hours prior to the event. Please send an email referencing the event number and date to upark@towson.edu or call 470-704-3515.

10. Do I have to pay for event signs?
There are two main options for event signs: Option 1 – General “Event Parking” signs can be posted at a cost equivalent to the hourly greeter cost. Option 2 – Custom event signs can be ordered with the event title or other text as requested. Custom signs cost $36 per sign. Please review the cost schedule on the following web page..

11. Can I use my own signs?
Parking & Transportation staff can post signs provided by your group/department. Please contact us for specifications and directions. A setup and breakdown fee will apply.

12. Who should I contact with questions?
For more information, review the web, contact us via email at upark@towson.edu or call 410-704-3515.


General Parking

1.  Where can visitors park?

Visitors must park in visitor areas AND purchase a visitor permit. Visitor permits can be purchased at yellow pay stations located in campus parking garages and lots. Permits must be clearly displayed on the vehicle dashboard with the expiration time face up. Baltimore County Meters with various time frames are available in limited locations on the street as well; Baltimore County on-street parking is not monitored by Towson University.  For more information, click here.

2.  Where can Overflow permits park?

Due to campus construction projects, on-campus parking is restricted for freshmen commuter students (those with less than 30 credits) and non-degree students..  Freshmen and non-degree commuters are only eligible to purchase an Overflow permit.  Overflow permits are valid in Overflow parking areas (Towson Center lots, except 21A, located near the Johnny Unitas Stadium/SECU Arena and designated 2nd & 3rd floors of the West Village Garage).  After 3 p.m., Overflow permits are valid in any Commuter parking area on campus, in addition to the Overflow areas. Please read the signs carefully.

3.  Do I need a permit to park on campus?

Yes. Everyone, including faculty, staff, students and visitors, must display a permit to park on campus property during enforcement hours.  A valid permit is required Monday – Thursday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Some areas are restricted at all times.  Make sure to read the signs posted by the entrance of every parking lot and area.


4.  All of the lots on the main campus are full. Where can I park?

Overflow parking is available near the Johnny Unitas Stadium/SECU Arena in lots 13, 14, 19, 20, and 21 (except 21A) as posted. Also, there are designated Overflow areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the West Village Garage.  On-campus shuttle service is available to and from these areas.  Click here for details regarding available parking locations.


5.  Can I park in front of any building to run in for a minute?

No. You cannot park in front of any building, even for a minute.  You must have a valid parking permit and park in the appropriate lot or garage.  There are 20 minute meters available at various lots for loading and unloading. Please be sure to retrieve and display a loading/unloading permit from one of the yellow paystations.


6.  Who makes the parking rules?

Parking and Transportation regulations are reviewed and approved by the University Administration.


7.  Where are the bike racks?

Bike racks are located outside of the University Union on the first floor, near Stephens Hall, near Burdick Hall, and in West Village.


8.  Where can I park my motorcycle/scooter or other two-wheeled motorized vehicle?

Motorcycles and scooters must be parked in designated motorcycle parking spaces.  A valid motorcycle/scooter permit must be displayed for the specific location. Motorcycle parking spaces are available at the following locations:  Lot 10 General Services, West Village Garage, Lot 24 Administration Building, Glen Garage, Towsontown Garage, Towson Center, and Union Garage.


9.  Do part-time or evening students need to purchase a permit?
Yes. Everyone is required to purchase a permit if he or she is parked on campus. Parking permits can be purchased on the Parking and Transportation Services website.

10.  How many parking spaces are currently available for student parking?
Approximately 5,000 parking spaces are available for use by students. Roughly 640 of these spaces are reserved for West Village residents.


11.  Why can't I find parking in the garages?
The Towsontown, Union, and Glen garages are typically full by 9 a.m. Monday through Thursday. If you arrive after 9 a.m., parking spaces are available at the Towson Center overflow parking lots located near the SECU Arena
and designated areas in the West Village garage. On-campus shuttles are available in these overflow areas to take campus members to and from the core campus.


12.  I work evening hours and return to campus late.  How can I get to my dorm safely from my vehicle?
The University Police Department provides a walking Escort Service from sunset to sunrise. Safe Ride is a point-to-point service available to the campus community during evening hours. Please call 410-704-SAFE (7233) for an Escort or Safe Ride service.


13.  I'm told I can park at visitor spaces and the police look the other way. Is this true?
No. Enforcement of parking meters will be strictly enforced.


14.How do I add another vehicle to my parking account?
Vehicles of other Towson students, faculty, or staff cannot be added to your account. Also, only vehicles owned by you or a family member with the same last name and address may be registered to your parking account.

There are two ways to add a vehicle to your account. First, you can add a vehicle through your eparking account. The second option is to complete an “Add Vehicle Form.” A response to your request will be sent within 5 business days. Submission of a form does not guarantee the request will be approved. Approvals are at the discretion of Parking & Transportation Services. If you have a rental vehicle that needs to be added immediately for a short timeframe, please call us at 410-704-PARK.

If there are extenuating circumstances for your vehicle's ownership (i.e. - the vehicle is registered to someone with a different last name or address), please complete a “Vehicle Exception Form.”


15. How do I remove a vehicle from my parking account?

You must complete a “Vehicle End Relationship Form.” Vehicle End Relationship requests may only be made if: the vehicle plates have been returned to the MVA; the plates have been reported lost or stolen; the plates are registered to a non TU affiliate, including rental companies, and you will no longer be using that vehicle, or a family member with an active status at the university accepts responsibility for the plates. Submission of a form does not guarantee the request will be approved. Approvals are at the discretion of Parking & Transportation Services. Decisions on request forms will be responded to within 2-3 business days of receipt of request and all supporting documentation.



1.  Where do I purchase/pick up my parking permit?

Permits should be purchased online at the Parking and Transportation Services' eParking website . Only permits for special programs may be purchased at the Auxiliary Services Business Office, which is located on the first floor of the University Union across from the University Store. Scooter/Moped permits may be obtained at the Parking & Transportation Services' office located on the ground level of the Union Garage across from the University Union.


2.  How much does a parking permit cost?

The parking permit rates change annually based on overall expenses. Current permit fees can be viewed on the Parking and Transportation Services website.


3.  If my permit is lost or stolen, will a new permit be issued?

A lost/stolen permit may be replaced after completing a lost/stolen report and paying the applicable replacement fee.  The lost/stolen report must be submitted to the Auxiliary Services Business Office. If a lost/stolen permit is found in use on campus, the vehicle is subject to a $300 fine, towing, and other possible sanctions.


4.  What type of permit do I need?

Several types of permits are issued annually.  Click here for a complete list of permits.

5.  Why can’t I find parking in the garages?

To allow flexibility, parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. The Towsontown, Union, and Glen garages are typically full by 9 a.m. Monday through Thursday. If you arrive after 9 a.m., parking spaces are available at the Towson Center overflow parking lots located near the Johnny Unitas Stadium/SECU Arena and the overflow areas in the West Village garage. On-campus shuttles are available in these overflow areas to take campus members to and from the core campus.


6.  My friend told me that s/he "found" or "changed" a permit and used it.  Can I use a permit that was found or changed?
Use of another individual’s permit or altering a permit is a violation.  Many students are sent to the Office of Student Conduct and Civility Education each year for this type of violation. Don't take the chance. If a lost/stolen or altered permit is found in use on campus, the vehicle is subject to a $300 fine, towing, and other sanctions.


7. Can I share a permit?

No. Each person must have his or her own permit; permits cannot be shared, regardless of the relationship of the individuals. Vehicles in violation are subject to citations, towing at owner's expense, and/or impoundment.

8. How do I return a permit?

Actual rates and refunds are based on the date the permit was purchased and returned to the Auxiliary Services Business Office. For specific information regarding any refund amount, please visit the Business Office on the 1st floor of the Union. Additionally, depending on type of permit, semester or annual refunds can only be processed up to a certain date. Individuals who have utilized payroll deduction to pay for their permit may not be eligible for refunds. This must be done in person.

9, How do I exchange my permit type?

If your permit is eligible for an exchange, please visit the Auxiliary Services Business Office on the first floor of the Union for specific information regarding exchanging your permit. This must be done in person.



1.  How are the shuttle bus schedules determined?

The shuttle bus schedules are based on demand for the service during peak class times.


2.  Where can I find a bus schedule?

On and off-campus shuttle bus schedules are posted at each bus stop shelter and on the website, and they are available at the Parking and Transportation Department located in the Union garage on the ground level across from the University Union.  Click here to view the schedules.


3.  Why does only one off-campus shuttle service operate on weekends?

Off-campus shuttles provide alternative transportation to and from class or work at Towson University. The Tiger Route operates on the weekend and provides limited on and off-campus service to some of the off-campus stops.

4. What is NextBus?

NextBus provides real-time information about the location, status, and arrival times of shuttle buses. The information is available via our website, mobile phone devices, and electronic signs that are posted at key bus stop locations. Use the iNextbus app, call 443-321-3003, or visit www.nextbus.com to utilize this service.


Parking and Transportation Services

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410-704-RIDE (7433) Para-Transit Services and Requests
Fax: 410-704-3370
E-mail: upark@towson.edu


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