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Student Parking Information

Parking regulations are enforced year round. Students should obtain a permit prior to parking on campus or should utilize a meter or purchase a visitor permit until a permanent permit can be purchased. Permits must be purchased online. Pro-rated annual permits are available for the spring and summer sessions.

Fall 2013/Spring 2014 Permit Sales

IMPORTANT: Please note that you must be registered for classes and have your residence hall assignment, if applicable, before purchasing your parking permit. Parking & Transportation Services must be notified by Enrollment Services for class registration and Housing & Residence Life for housing assignments prior to purchasing a permit.

Parking permits must be purchased online through the parking link. At this time, permits can only be purchased with Visa, Master Card, Discover, or C.O.D. If you choose to pay through C.O.D., you must pay for your permit by the first day of classes or within 5 business days of your permit purchase, whichever is later in-person at the Auxiliary Service Business Office located on the 1st floor of the University Union. Failure to do so will result in your permit being returned to inventory.

Exchanging A Permit

If your permit is eligible for an exchange, please visit the Auxiliary Services Business Office on the first floor of the Union for specific information regarding exchanging your permit. Permits can only be exchanged in person.

Returning A Permit

Actual rates and refunds are based on the date the permit was purchased and returned to the Auxiliary Services Business Office. For specific information regarding any refund amount, please visit the Business Office on the 1st floor of the Union. Additionally, depending on type of permit, semester or annual refunds can only be processed up to a certain date. Permits can only be returned in person.


Virtual Permit System

With the implementation of the License Plate Recognition (LPR) system the department has switched majority of the campus community to a virtual parking permit.  In short this means that you will no longer be issued or need to worry about physically displaying a parking permit on your registered vehicle.  Your license plate will be used to verify that you have a valid permit.

Advantages of Virtual Permits for You

  • Immediate registration.  With Virtual permits there is no need to go pick up a permit or wait for it to be mailed to you.  As soon as you purchase your permit online, you are able to park legally in your designated area.

  • No need for temporary permits.  If you forget your permit, have a rental, or are using a family member's vehicle, you don't need to come into the Parking & Transportation Office for a temporary permit.  Simply register your new vehicle with Parking & Transportation.  See the Register Your Vehicle section below for instructions on how to register your vehicle.

  • Improper Display and Failure to Display citations will be a thing of the past.  With no physical permit, there's no need to worry about your permit falling off your rear-view mirror or being blocked by an air freshener.

  • Better enforcement for those who have purchased a permit.  Utilizing Virtual Permits in conjunction with our LPR system (License Plate Recognition) will allow Parking & Transportation Services to better manage parking resources helping to ensure more parking is available to those who have paid for a parking permit.

Important information to know about the Virtual Permit system

  • All of your vehicles must be registered with Parking & Transportation Services.

  • A maximum of 3 vehicles may be registered with your permit.  Rental vehicles used temporarily do not count against your total number of vehicles.  All vehicles on your parking account must either be registered to you or a family member with the same last name, living at your address of record with the University.  Those seeking exceptions to this policy must submit a Vehicle Exception Form.  Additional documentation may be required and approval of an exception is at the discretion of Parking & Transportation Services.

  • Only one of the vehicles registered to your permit is allowed to be on campus at any given time.  The LPR system will identify multiple vehicles registered to one permit being on campus at the same time.  Multiple vehicles registered to one permit on campus at the same time is a serious violation of Parking & Transportation Services rules and regulations as well as unfairly takes spaces away from other permit holders.  Offending vehicles will receive a $300 citation and/or will be towed at the owners expense. The driver and/or permit holder may be subject to additional sanctions.

  • Those seeking to utilize a parking permit for the sole purpose of Carpooling, MUST sign up for AND be approved for a Carpool Agreement prior to doing so.  Resident students may not be a part of a Carpool Agreement.  The individual in the Carpool with the most restricted permit type available to them will be the one in the Carpool group to purchase the permit. Please go to the Carpool Program link for more information.

Move In / Move Out Notice



Students moving into the residence halls must park in a legal space. The only exception is when the Towson University Police department is controlling the areas around housing locations.  Unless directed by TUPD to park in a restricted area, please park in a legal parking space.  For the safety of the community, fire lanes must remain clear at all times. Please go to the Move In/Move Out link for more information.

Note: Students eligible for special group permits must purchase them in person at the Auxiliary Services Business Office and provide verification of their eligibility.

Modified Parking

Parking and Transportation Services

Union Garage

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

410-704-PARK (7275) Parking, Events, Shuttle and Charter Bus Information
410-704-RIDE (7433) Para-Transit Services and Requests
Fax: 410-704-3370
E-mail: upark@towson.edu




• Motorcycle virtual permits must be purchased in person at the Auxiliary Business Office.

• Financial Aid is not accepted for the purchase of a parking permit. Students may, however, choose to postpone the permit purchase pending receipt of financial aid checks.








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