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Non-freshman Residents (30+ Credits) Permit Information


Many areas have a limited number of parking spaces near the housing complex. Once the resident permits for a specific lot are sold out, a wait list will be available for designated lots. To sign up for the waitlist, you will need to do so through your eParking account. You will need your TU NetID and password to log into your eParking account. Having a space on the waitlist does not guarantee that a parking permit will become available for purchase.

Residents who live in any housing complex located on Towson University property, including West Village, Millennium Hall, Paca, Tubman, Barton, and Douglass, are eligible to purchase a parking permit based on availability.  If space is unavailable at your preferred lot, eligible residents will need to purchase an annual West Village Resident permit.

NOTE: Resident Life parking spaces are restricted to eligible Resident Life employees with a valid Resident Life parking permit.


Permit Sales

Eligible students may only purchase an annual permit.   Resident students who move off campus or no longer need their permit must exchange their resident permit for a commuter permit or return it for a prorated refund. This must be done in person at the Auxiliary Services Business Office. Refunds are not issued after March 30th.

TU is currently utilizing the Virtual Permit System for the academic year.  For more information about the Virtual Permit System, please click here.

Please see information below for specific information based on residence hall locations.


Main Campus Residents

Glen Towers Residents

Students living in the Glen Towers are eligible to obtain a Lot 26 resident permit near the Glen Towers.  If there are no parking spaces in Lot 26, Lot 26 permit holders may park in the overflow areas at the Towson Center and designated overflow areas of the West Village Garage. In the event that Lot 26  permits are no longer available for purchase, a limited number of Lot 7 permits will be available to Non-freshmen residents of the Glen Towers.  Eligible Glen Towers residents who are unable to obtain either a Lot 26 or Lot 7 permit will be assigned to the West Village Garage.


North Campus Residents ( Ward, West, Newell, Prettyman, Residence Tower, Richmond and Scarborough)

Students living in residence halls on the north side of campus are eligible for a Lot 7 Resident permit. Lot 7 parking permits are valid in the designated area of the third level of the Towsontown Garage. In the event no spaces are available at Lot 7, parking for permit holders is available in the overflow areas of the Towson Center and designated overflow areas of the West Village Garage. 


West Village Residents

West Village residents, including Towson Run, Paca, Tubman, Barton, and Douglass, are eligible to obtain a West Village Garage annual permit while supplies last.  In the event no resident spaces are available in the West Village Garage, parking for permit holders is available in the overflow areas of the Towson Center.

Please note that West Village Garage Resident permit holders may NOT park in the designated "All TU Permits Valid" areas of the West Village Garage until 3pm Monday - Friday.  


Millennium Hall Residents

Millennium Hall permits are issued and managed by the Millennium Hall management office.  Please contact their office for information about the availability and cost of permits.  Millennium Hall residents with 30+ credits,  who are unable to obtain a Millennium Hall permit, will be eligible to purchase a West Village Garage Resident permit. 


Exception Requests

Residents who wish to request an exception to park on campus may do so by completing a resident exception request form. Documentation must include all information as indicated on the form. 

Exceptions will only be granted for extreme situations - typically those that are of a medical nature.  Work related requests will not be considered.  At its discretion, parking services will determine if an exception will be granted.  If it is granted, the parking location will be determined by the department.  Individuals receiving an exception should expect to be assigned parking at the Towson Center lots.

Parking and Transportation Services

Union Garage

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

410-704-PARK (7275) Parking, Events, Shuttle and Charter Bus Information
410-704-RIDE (7433) Para-Transit Services and Requests
Fax: 410-704-3370
E-mail: upark@towson.edu

Did you know

• Towson University permits are not valid in Millennium Hall parking spaces. Millennium Hall spaces are not managed by Towson University and are strictly enforced by the building's management company through towing programs.






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