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Prior to Fall 2010, schedules were printed and distributed across campus. Contact Training & Development for schedules prior to that semester by sending an email to hrtraining@towson.edu.

Remaining Fall 2014 Schedule

Please Note: If Towson University opens late on a date in which a workshop is scheduled, the workshop will be cancelled and rescheduled as soon as possible.



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TEC Featured Course of the Month for December

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Writing under Pressure: Preparing for Success


[1 hour]

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Towson University Professional Development Competencies

Utilizes strong listening skills to formulate direct, responsive answers to questions; organizes and expresses ideas clearly both orally and in writing; keeps others informed of the status of projects and activities; ensures that regular communication occurs based on the needs of the project or the individual; clarifies the meaning and intent of others’ communication when it is unclear; tailors communication to the level and experience of the audience; uses analogies, visuals, and other techniques to effectively communicate complex ideas; creatively identifies and utilizes effective communication channels and method.

Customer Service
Treats customers courteously; responds to customer requests in a timely manner; takes responsibility to resolve customer complaints; proactively identifies customer needs; elicits feedback from customers to monitor their satisfaction; creates strategies to help the University serve customers more effectively; considers both short- and long-term interests of the customer in making service decision.

Demonstrates commitment to the University’s diversity goals; supports equal and fair treatment and opportunity for all; deals effectively with people of all races, nationalities, cultures, abilities, ages, genders, sexual orientations, etc.; demonstrates respect for opinions and beliefs of others.

Demonstrates a long-term strategic focus; acts as a catalyst for change; builds and shares the vision with others; inspires, motivates, and guides others to goal achievement/accomplishment; develops networks and builds alliances; identifies the internal and external politics that impact work.

Management & Supervision
Sets clear goals and expectations for staff; provides challenging tasks and assignments to subordinates; holds staff responsible and accountable for their work; delegates clearly and appropriately; delivers timely and meaningful guidance and feedback.

Financial & Technical Skills
Demonstrates the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment; learns technical and business skills quickly; applies knowledge and learned skills to the workplace. (Majority of courses offered through the Office of Technology Services, Financial Services, and Management Advisory and Compliance Services.)






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