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Cassette Tapes :

  • The Psychology of Achievement: 6 cassette Audio Program. Brian Tracy. © MCMLXXXIV Nightingale-Conant Corporation. (includes Guide)

    The Psychology of Achievement demonstrates the attitude, the deep self-knowledge and pin-pointed goals that are important factors in achieving great success, plus many other factors you may not expect! Through these cassettes, Tracy teaches readers how to identify their own "area of excellence", how to employ the special creative powers you were born with, and how to release the overachiever within you from the artificial chains of fear, self-doubt, and inertia.

    • Cassette 1: Building a Positive Self-Concept
    • Cassette 2: Accepting Responsibility and Taking Charge
    • Cassette 3: Programing for Success
    • Cassette 4: Goals and Goal Achieving
    • Cassette 5: Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
    • Cassette 6: Superior Human Relations


  • Self Esteem & Peak Performance: 6 cassette Audio Program. Jack Canfield. CareerTrack. © MCMXCV CareerTrack, Inc. (411:00)

    This cassette program offers specific skills for keeping your self-esteem high and reaching peak performance. Some of what Canfield teaches through this audio program includes how to get what you want in life by letting go of your fears and how your beliefs affect your self-esteem. He also offers techniques for strengthening relationships, setting goals and recharging your energy and enthusiasm for your career.

    • Cassette 1: Side one - (28:45) How self-esteem will change your life

                          Side two - (32:00) "I am enough"         

    • Cassette 2: Side three - (30:55) The power of your imagination

                                        Side four - (30:35) Positive thinking and high self-esteem

    • Cassette 3: Side five - (30:50) Maximizing peak performance

                                        Side six - (32:35) Knowing where you're going

    • Cassette 4: Side seven - (30:35) The universe rewards action

                                        Side eight - (23:23) Success!

    • Cassette 5: Side nine - (38:13) Affirmations to build self-esteem

                                        Side ten - (45:33) Q&A with Jack: Part I

    • Cassette 6: Side eleven - (45:27) Q&A with Jack: Part II

                                        Side twelve - (42:20) Q&A with Jack: Part III












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