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1.  I just added my email account to my personal smart phone, now it's telling me I have to set a passcode. What if I don't want to set a passcode?

A lost device or stolen device could result in confidential university data, as well as your personal data, being compromised. The passcode requirement is a small step that the university is taking to minimize that risk. You will be required to set a passcode if you are downloading university email from your Exchange account. If you do not want to set a passcode on your device, simply remove the university email account and you will no longer be required to set a passcode.

2. What if I already have a passcode, or a stronger one (more than four digits)?

The policy requires the use of a passcode. If you already have one, then you pass the policy check that requires a passcode. You will not receive any prompts regarding passcodes on your device.

3.  Will the passcode expire? Do I have to change the passcode periodically like I change my NetID?

The passcode does not expire. You will not be required to change it.

4.  Do I have to unlock my phone to answer a call or to place a call?

You will be able to answer a call without unlocking the phone. You will have to unlock the phone to place a call.

5. Can a drawing gesture be used in lieu of a passcode on an Android device?

 A drawing gesture cannot be used in lieu of the four digit passcode on an Android device. 

6. How do I initiate a remote wipe?

If your device is lost or stolen, you can initiate a remote wipe from the Outlook Web App. Click here for instructions for initiating a remote wipe.

Purchasing and Repair

7. What breakage or damage is covered with university-owned devices?

University-owned smartphones are covered by warranty which includes all software and hardware related issues. Physical damage including cracked screens, water and fire damage are not covered. Other physical damage may or may not be covered and is at the discretion of Verizon Wireless. Battery issues, such as loss of charging capabilities, etc. are only covered in the first 30 days of device receipt.

8. Can I enroll in a Towson University data plan for my personally-owned device?

All faculty and staff wishing to enroll in a university data plan must have the approval of both their department head and the Vice President of Administration and Finance. Faculty and staff should fill out the Cellular Request form in the OTS Form Repository, and have it signed and approved by their department head and the Vice President of Administration and Finance.  Upon approval their personal line will be assumed by the university’s Verizon account.

9. Can I  use my personal cell phone in lieu of an university-owned device?

Yes, upon approval from the department head, a miscellaneous expense form may be submitted for reimbursement of up to $30 per month on a personal cell phone. However, those wishing to use their personal devices on a more permanent basis are encouraged to fill out the Cellular Request Form located in the OTS Forms Repository in order to seek approval for their personal line to be assumed by the University as described Question 8 above.


10. Does the university provide any custom apps for faculty, staff, or students?

Yes. Presently, Towson has five custom apps available for your use. Go into your device's App Store, and type Towson University and the list of apps will appear.

11. Is there a Blackboard app?

Yes. It is called the BlackBoard Mobile Learn App, and you can find information about the app here.

12. I just bought an iPad, and there are tons of apps in the App store. Can you recommend any Apps that I might find useful?

Click here for a categorized list of apps that have proven to be the most popular on campus.


13. Are there any university policies about using consumer cloud storage?

At this time, we do not recommend using cloud storage for any university and/or sensitive data.  Every faculty and staff member has access to virtual workspace which can be used to access personal H: drives and department O: drives.  Virtual workspace is secured by our own safety standards, and is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.


14. Can I backup my Apple device using iCloud or iTunes?

Yes, backups using iCloud or iTunes are both supported by any Apple mobile device.  Instructions on backing up your device can be found here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1766 .  We do not recommend backing up any university data using iCloud as outlined above. 

15. My phone doesn't have one of the popular operating systems; can I still get email on my phone?

This depends on the device and whether or not it is internet ready, or has a web browser built in.  Using the Outlook Web App at http://outlook.towson.edu through the mobile device’s web browser is one method of accessing email.  Certain other devices allow syncing of university exchange accounts using ActiveSync.  You will need to consult your manual to see if your device has this capability.

16. Why won't OTS do more to help me with my personally-owned device?

We are always happy to help whenever you might have an issue connecting to a university service such as TU Wi-Fi, or email.  Unfortunately, anything beyond connecting to university services poses the question of liability if something were to happen to the device.  These issues are best left to the certified professionals within the manufacturers support system, who deal with these devices on a daily basis, and can much better assist you with any issues you might be having.

17. Where can I get help or training?

  • OTS Training provides training on emerging technology such as social networking, and limited training for mobile devices such as the iPad.  They have many courses throughout the year, and have a workshop calendar available for registration here
  • Also provided is access to Lynda.com, which is an online software training video library covering everything from using a Mac, to sharing photos with Instagram on your iPhone.  You can contact Rodney Urand (rurand@towson.edu) for a 7 day license and login instructions to www.lynda.com.
  • The Apple Store here in Towson offers many "Getting Started" courses for iPhone and iPad. Their list of workshops can be found here.
  • For assistance with your specific model device try your cellular provider's Web site, or drop by their store for help.






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