LDC via SCS graphicStudent Computing Services (SCS) maintains a set of accounts with the highly-regarded online tutorial service (LDC). This service allows interested students to learn software applications---particularly media production titles---online without having to pay subscription fees. Our reservation policy is designed to provide occasional access to as many TU students as possible, while still allowing more frequent access when availability permits. To get started, follow the steps below.

OTS Training manages a separate set of LDC accounts for faculty/staff use. We forward facutly requests to OTS Training and then cancel them in our student system. This can delay access for a few days. OTS Training recommends that faculty submit a TechHelp ticket (, choose the request type of Employee Role>Training and Documentation>
  1. You (TU student) click the "Reserve LDC Access" button in the upper right corner of this page to open the SCS Gear2Go reservation system. If you would like these instructions to remain accessible, then right-click the button and select open in new window.
  2. You click the "Book" button on the subsequent page and complete the forms to reserve one of the SCS LDC accounts for up to five days. You must use your TU email address.
  3. You carefully read the reservation confirmation email you receive, and follow its instructions.
  4. SCS adds you to the LDC user base (if this is your first reservation) and sends you an email message inviting you to activate your account and set a password. Your TU email address will be your username; please do not change your username. We will routinely delete any users not associated with a valid TU email address.
  5. You remember your username and password, knowing you will reuse it for all future reservations.
  6. SCS ACTIVATES your account and sends you an email notification at the start of your reservation period.
  7. You open in your web browser, log in with the username and password you set up in Step 4, and drink greedily from the application knowledge fountain. If you have used the LDC via SCS service before, you will see a record of your previous activities.
  8. SCS DEACTIVATES your account at the end of your reservation period, making access available for the next student "in line." After this, your are no longer able to log in, but your  course history remains intact, ready for your next reservation.

Additional Information

  • You may access from any web browser (not just those in the SCS suite) or an iPad/iPhone with the free app

  • If you would like to receive periodic email announcements regarding new titles, open, scroll to the bottom of the page, click "newsletter" and sign-up!

  • If you don't have an immediate need for access, but would like SCS to add you to the user base to expedite your future reservations, just send your name, NetID and phone number to

  • If your attempts to reserve access have been frequently foiled by the conflicting reservations of other TU knowledge consumers, let us know; your feedback will weigh heavily in our determination of whether additional accounts are needed.

LDC via SCS Reservation Policy (Updated 3.9.12)

  1. You may make one reservation at a time, up to five days in length. 

  2. You may make a subsequent reservation on the final day of your current reservation,
    provided that an account is available. (Our self-reservation system will not automatically enforce this restriction; thus, reservations made before the final day will be removed manually.)

  3. You may make a reservation up to 11 days in advance.

We see it as our responsibility to insure fair, occassional access to for as many TU students as possible. We believe that our policy achieves this. However, we also recognize that frequent users may be inconvenienced by sporadic availability during times of high demand. We encourage students who require extended periods of uninterupted access to to purchase a personal subscription for their own convenience. Subscription Page

Ready to pump some neurons? Click the gold "Reserve LDC Access" button in the upper right corner to get started, today!

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