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Self Help Documents: Adobe Contribute & Dreamweaver

OTS is pleased to offer the following PDF publications and Flash movie tutorialsmovie tutorialas self-help technology resources for the Towson University community. (For other non-profit use please refer to our copyright information.) To open a publication or play a movie tutorial, click on its title. If your browser does not properly display the publication, you may need to install a free copy of Adobe Reader. If your browser does not properly display the movie, you may need to install a free copy of Adobe Flash Player. To search this page for a specific word or phrase, press Ctrl-F.

Contribute icon Contribute Basics (For All Departments)
If you need to maintain a Towson University Departmental Web site and are required to use Contribute to do so, this document will take you through some of the basic steps. See the TU Web Style Guide for guidelines regarding your Towson University Web site.
Movie Tutorial Audio IncludedContribute: Basic Editing and Publishing
Learn how to make basic edits to your Towson University Web site.
Movie Tutorial Audio IncludedContribute: Basic Links and the Roll Back Feature
Learn how to create basic links in your Web site, and how to use the Roll Back feature to go back to previously Published versions of your Web page.
Contribute icon Contribute: Connection Instructions for Virtual Workspace
After you have been given permission to Contribute in the virtual workspace, you will need to set up your connection to your web files. The web team will send you specific information to get connected. This document will give you the general basic steps to set up the connection to your web files in the virtual workspace.
Contribute icon

Contribute: Software Overview
Adobe Contribute is used to edit Department Websites. It is designed to be user friendly, not require any understanding of code such as HTML or CSS and provides the opportunity to roll back to previous versions of a site if necessary. In this self-help document, you will obtain an overview of the Contribute Software.

Contribute icon

Contribute: Hyperlinks
A hyperlink is a quick link from one location of a site to another location, page, image or document. In this self-help document, you will learn how to create hyperlinks to outside web pages, other pages on the Towson University server, documents (such as Word, PPT or PDF) and email addresses.

Contribute icon
Contribute: Images
Any images can be added to your site through Adobe Contribute. In this self-help document, you will learn how to add images and modify image properties. Be sure to read the Visual Style Guidelines in the Web Style Guide before inserting any images onto your site.  
Contribute icon

Contribute: Adding Alternative Text to an Image
Adding an alternative text (ALT Text) description to an image ensures that the image can be read by screen reader software to people with visual disabilities. In this self-help document, you will learn how to add ALT Text to images in Adobe Contribute.

Web Style Guide
The university’s Web Style Guide and Web Templates ensure that the TU Web site is consistent, accurate, welcoming to visitors, and an effective communication tool for the university. The Web Style Guide provides guidelines for creating and maintaining academic and administrative sites in accordance with the TU Web Templates. The style guide and templates promote consistency in visual identity, navigation and usability. They include many specific recommendations related to the presentation of content and images. For more information visit the Towson University Web Site Development website at

Preparing Web Images with
When preparing an image for a TU Web page, it's important to follow the guidelines and dimensions specified in the TU Web Template. You will need to resize, crop and optimize your images for the Web using an image editor. We recommend Web Resizer. It has a user-friendly interface, shows before and after versions, and supports cropping and scaling. 

Contribute icon Contribute: Adding Side Content
The Towson University webpage template allows for content to be added to the side of the web page in the form of a Spotlight, Announcements or Follow Us Social Media Icons. In this self-help document you will learn how to add a Spotlight in Contribute.




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