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Self Help Documents: Microsoft Windows XP

OTS is pleased to offer the following PDF publications and Flash movie tutorialsmovie tutorialas self-help technology resources for the Towson University community. (For other non-profit use please refer to our copyright information.) To open a publication or play a movie tutorial, click on its title. If your browser does not properly display the publication, you may need to install a free copy of Adobe Reader. If your browser does not properly display the movie, you may need to install a free copy of Adobe Flash Player. To search this page for a specific word or phrase, press Ctrl-F.

Windows XP: Fundamentals

Learn the basic navigation of your computer's desktop and the Start menu, and how to open programs, save and copy documents.

Movie Tutorial Audio IncludedShortcuts
Take a tutorial on how to create and delete shortcuts from your desktop.

Hands On: An Introduction to the Personal Computer
This guide identifies the basic parts of a desktop computer system and describes how to use the two most common input devices: the keyboard and the mouse. If you have never used a computer before (or even if you have, but still consider yourself a newbie), Hands On is a good place to start.

Windows XP: Folder Views

Windows XP Pro has different options for viewing your files and folders.  This document explains some of these options.


Some answers to frequently asked questions about your computer and Windows can be found in this document.

User Drive

This document explains how to use the User Drive application, found on some of Towson University's lab machines, for connecting to drives.

How Do I..?

This is a quick sheet of actual questions and answers that clients ask the Help Center staff when having computer issues.

Network Drives--Understanding and Mapping

This document describes network drives, including information on what they are, how to use them, how to map to new drives and how to save to and open from network drives.

Flash Drives

This document explains what Flash Drives are, how to use them, and precautions one should take when using Flash Drives.

Movie Tutorial Audio IncludedFlash Drives
Take a tutorial that covers how to manage portable flash drives.

Roxio Easy CD Creator

Learn how to use the Roxio Easy CD Creator software found on the most recent OTS computer image.  This software allows you to burn files to a CD.

Reset or Change Your Towson University Password

If your TowsonU password has expired, you have forgotten your password or you need to change it this document will explain how to do that on your own.

Activate Your Towson University Computer Account

Learn how to activate your TowsonU username and password to login to campus computers, access your Towson University E-mail access Online services and Blackboard.

File Management
Learn some basics on how to manage, save and store your files. 

Movie Tutorial Audio IncludedFile Management
Take a tutorial covers how to name files, create folders, rename files and folders and the difference between Save and Save As.

Mouse Properties

Learn how to use the Control Panel for adjusting or changing your mouse properties.

Granting Local Administrator Privileges

If you are the Administrator for a group of computers you may need to grant some users Administrator privileges on local computers so they can perform installs, downloads and other types of functions.  This document explains how to grant these administrator privileges.

Disable the Pop Up Blocker

Service Pack Two installs a pop-up blocker tool.  This document explains how to disable this feature so that you can view certain applications that require Pop-ups.

Compressing and Extracting Files Using WinZip or XP

Learn how to compress and extract large files using XP's Compressed Folder option or WinZip software.

Laptop Log-On Procedures

If you have a Towson University laptop it is important to follow these log-on instructions for the first time you log-on and after you have changed your password.

Creating Strong Passwords

This document explains Towson University's Password Requirements and gives some tips on how to create a strong password.

Copy Desktop Settings

Learn how to copy your desktop settings from one computer to another.

Customizing Your Windows XP Desktop

Learn how to make desktop toolbars and the Quick Launch tool work for you.

Windows XP: Add or Remove Programs

The Add or Remove Programs Tool enables you to add new programs or updates for software you already have installed.

Laptop Guide: Get To Know your TU Laptop

This guide describes the basic features of the Dell 600 and Dell 610 laptops distributed to select staff and faculty members at Towson University.

Windows XP: Installing Microsoft Office 2007

This document describes how to install Microsoft Office 2007 on a Windows XP machine.

Laptop Tips

This self-help document provides you with few basic but helpful laptop computing tips.



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