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Carpooling Incentive FAQs


How do I sign up for the Carpooling Incentive?

You can sign up for the program by completing a Carpool Application form and submitting it to the Parking and Transportation Services Office.

Do I have to include each member of the carpool's name on the application?

Yes, you must list each member of the carpool on the application, along with proof of current address such as a driver's license or registration. You must also register each carpool vehicle on the application and include a copy of the vehicle's registration certificate when you submit the application.

Who decides if the application will be approved?

Parking and Transportation Services will approve the carpool if it makes sense and meets the eligibility requirements. The requirements can be found here.

How do I decide who purchases the parking permit for my Carpool?

The members of the carpool should determine who will purchase the permit, and place that person as the primary permit holder on the application. Permits should be purchased online at www.towson.edu/parking. All vehicles of the carpool members will be placed on the permit.

What is the cost of the carpool permit?

There is no separate permit for those who choose to carpool. The permit cost is based on the classification of the carpool member who purchases the permit.

If I am in a carpool, can I purchase a separate parking permit just for myself, or keep my old parking permit that's still valid?

No. Individuals who are registered with a carpool group will not be permitted to purchase another permit, and they must return current permits to the Auxiliary Services Business Office. Applicable refunds will apply.

How will I receive my parking permit codes?

Upon approval of the carpool, each participant will be enrolled in the Guaranteed Ride Home (restrictions apply) and will receive four parking permit codes to use throughout the semester. The parking code information will be sent via e-mail.

What happens if a member of the carpool decides to leave the carpool, transfers to another university, or switches jobs?

If a member of the carpool drops out for any reason, a new carpool agreement must be signed by the remaining members. The Parking and Transportation Services records will be updated based on the new information. If only one member remains in the group, you must notify Parking and Transportation Services and all alternative transportation programs will be cancelled. The carpool parking permit may not be transferred to another individual. Applicable refunds will be issued.

What happens if one of the carpool vehicles gets a ticket?

If a citation is issued, it will be assigned to the responsible individual of the vehicle that was cited. This is determined by the application.


Please note that all carpool members are responsible for knowing and complying with the parking regulations on campus. Parking regulations can be found on this site by clicking the Parking Information link.


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