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All students, faculty, and staff permit holders must register their vehicles with Parking & Transportation Services. This form is a request to add the vehicle to your parking account and must be reviewed. Registration of a vehicle does not guarantee a citation will not be issued in the event a valid permit is not on record. IF THE VEHICLE THAT YOU WANT TO ADD TO YOUR PARKING ACCOUNT IS REGISTERED TO SOMEONE WITH A DIFFERENT LAST NAME AND/OR ADDRESS (INCLUDING A RENTAL), PLEASE COMPLETE A VEHICLE EXCEPTION REQUEST FORM INSTEAD.

Note: Please enter all characters for specialty tags.

E.g. Chesapeake Bay is entered as 858ABX / 13502CA



Vehicle 1

example license plate





Vehicle 2  





Vehicle 3  






I attest that the information provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that only vehicles owned by me or my family member with my same address AND same last name may be registered to my parking account. I am not permitted to register another student, faculty or staff member's vehicle on my account. I understand that in order to remove a vehicle from my account, the vehicle can no longer be owned by me or a family member, and I must complete a Vehicle End Relationship form .

Submission of this application does not guarantee that I will not receive a parking citation. I agree to abide by the parking regulations of Towson University.

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Please allow up to 5 business days to process this request.






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