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Loading and Unloading

The university recognizes that members of the campus community may need access to load and unload items. In order to accommodate this need, short- term free meters have been placed in various locations across the campus.  Individuals may park at these meters for a single 20-minute time frame as specified on the meter.  After this time frame, the vehicle must be moved to a legal long-term parking space. 

In the rare event that additional access is needed at loading docks, a special loading permit may be obtained from Parking Services. Individuals needing additional access must obtain the permit prior to parking at a loading dock. Permits will only be issued for a specific day and for a limited time frame as approved by Parking Services.


University Vehicle Loading and Unloading

University service vehicles are permitted to temporarily park in roadways and/or fire lanes in order to unload materials according to the following guidelines:


  • The vehicles MUST have BOTH their flashers and head lights on to indicate that they are unloading. If either the flashers OR headlights are not on, Parking Services has the right to ticket immediately.

  • The vehicles can only be temporarily parked in the roadway/fire lane to unload for 15 minutes MAX. Within 15 minutes or less, the vehicle must be moved to an authorized and legal parking space. If the vehicle is temporarily parked on the roadway/fire lane for longer than 15 minutes, Parking Services has the right to ticket.

  • Authorized spaces include:  any faculty/staff, commuter, resident, visitor, vendor, TU vehicle or loading dock space.  Vehicles may not be parked in reserved spaces for specific individuals or groups such as “RP,” Deans, Librarian, Speech & Hearing, Black & Gold. Twenty minute spaces cannot be utilized for more than 20 minutes.

  • The vehicles must not create a traffic jam while unloading.  Other vehicles must be able to get around the parked vehicle in a safe manner.

  • Temporarily or permanently parking on sidewalks, in handicap spaces, or transfer (hashed) areas is strictly prohibited, and Parking Services will ticket immediately if they see such behavior occurring.


Parking and Transportation Services

Union Garage

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

410-704-PARK (7275) Parking, Events, Shuttle and Charter Bus Information
410-704-RIDE (7433) Para-Transit Services and Requests
Fax: 410-704-3370
E-mail: upark@towson.edu




University Police

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410-704-NEWS (6397)

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