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Towson University’s campus master plan is updated on a five-year cycle, both as a matter of good practice and a requirement of the University System of Maryland. The master plan update confirms that the overall framework and long-term vision of the master plan still meet the university’s current and projected enrollment and program growth initiatives. The update also documents any institutional changes that occurred following the master plan, such as the completion of new building, landscape and infrastructure projects.

The university began updating its campus master plan in late 2014. The phased update process is a collaborative and participatory effort that will include internal and external focus group meetings and open forums.  We look forward to meeting with students, faculty, staff and community members to obtain their feedback to help shape the master plan update.

Phase 1 Focus Group Summary

Update Process

As indicated in the schedule below, the master plan update will be developed in three phases. The first phase, known as the observations phase, includes the collection of data and the assembly of extensive outreach meetings to gather input from external and internal campus constituents. The second phase involves the review and documentation of the recommendations from the 2009 master plan. Based on this review, and the input and data collected in the observations phase, recommended updates to the master plan will be developed and presented to internal and external constituents for feedback. In the final phase of the process, that feedback will be incorporated into a draft of the final master plan update which will be presented for approval to the University System of Maryland Board of Regents. Upon approval, the final master plan will be published in late 2015.

Phase 1: Observations  
December 2014 Steering committee kick off meeting
January-March 2015 Internal and external focus group interviews
February-April 2015 Initial space utilization assessment
April 2015 Update steering committee
April 2015 Post summary of Phase 1 input on website
Phase 2: Draft Plan
April-May 2015 Develop draft update plan based on internal and external input
June-July 2015 Review draft plan in open forums with interested parties
July 2015 Post summary of Phase 2 on university website
Phase 3: Final Plan
July-August 2015 Incorporate constituent feedback into final plan update
September 2015 Board of Regents presentation
October-November 2015 Incorporate BOR feedback into final plan update document and publish
November 2015 Post final plan summary on university website.

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