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Grant Accounting

Financial Services is responsible for the system setup of PeopleSoft Projects and Grants, entry of budget amounts, and posting of routine accounting transactions.

  • Issues regarding proposal submissions or compliance issues are handled by the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPR).

Answers to frequently asked questions are provided below.


Contact Shelly Albrecht, Accounting Services

By phone: 410-704-3625 or e-mail salbrecht@towson.edu

Office of Sponsored Programs and Research

By phone: 410-704-2236 or e-mail ospr@towson.edu

What are University Matching Funds?

Some Grants require matching funds from the university. The source of the University's matching share is usually detailed in the grant award documents. Matching Fund amounts are transferred by Financial Services on a regular basis as specified by the Office of University Research Services (OURS).

Can Grant Funds Be Transferred?

Transferring funds from Grants to a different department is possible under limited circumstances, but must be approved by OSPR.

  • Any funds remaining when the grant period expires may be transferred to another department only with the prior approval of the grantor agency. Or,
  • The grantor agency may have placed restrictions on the Grant that prohibits such a transfer.
    • Any funds remaining when the grant period expires may have to be returned to the grantor agency.
    • However, a fund transfer can be processed to reimburse a department if the department has incurred expenses on behalf of the grant and sufficient documentation is on file. It is the department's responsibility to maintain supporting documentation.

How are Project and Grant Numbers Created/Assigned?

Grant funding is awarded from federal, state, local and private sources. Information on these sources including proposal requirements can be obtained from the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPR).

Once the granting agency approves a funding proposal, OSPR handles the preparation of budgets and the Award Transaction Summary.

Financial Services PSTeam then receives the grant documents and creates a unique numerical designation for the project or grant in the PeopleSoft Financials System. Through use of these unique numbers and the account categories, the system allows expendable budgets to be established at varying levels of detail that can be used to control expenditures and disbursements, track encumbrances charged to the grant, and generate monthly reports.

When a new numerical designation for a Grant is created and the approved budget appropriations are entered, all concerned personnel including the department chair, OSPR, and the person in charge (responsible person) of the grant are notified via e-mail about the creation of the unique number representing the Grant. Signatures of the responsible personnel for the grant are registered with the Financial Services Accounts Payable Office. At this point, funds can be expended from the grant by following the same university/state approval procedures used by any other department.

How are Goods & Services Charged to a Grant; and, are there any Restrictions?

Primary Purchasing Methods:

  • VISA Procurement Card: Under the University's VISA Procurement Card Program, faculty and staff may obtain individual credit cards to make purchases that can be reallocated to their Grant subject to limits and restrictions set by the State. To learn more about the program and/or to apply for a card, contact the Procurement Office at 410-704-4231.
  • Purchase Requisition Process: Purchases exceeding the credit limits of the VISA card (usually $5000) must be made by submitting a Purchase Requisition to the Procurement Office.
    • Purchases made this way will first show on the grant budget as funds encumbered under the account chosen when the requisition was written.
    • The encumberance is liquidated when the vendor's invoice is paid by Accounts Payable and charged to the grant budget.

Restrictions: Department codes set up for grants are subject to university procurement policies and procedures unless there is specific language in the grant contract permitting restricted purchases.






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